Volume 5, Number 23, June 13, 1978



IMF or the Grand Design: America Must Choose

U.S. Industry Invited To Participate in LDC Development – “King Khaled Brings Hope” – “Imposing Discipline in Zaire” – Morgan Bank: IMF Surveillance, Down with the Dollar.

Bankers Concerned over IMF Role as 'Police State'

The Consequences of Brzezinski’s Folly

Carter To Soviets: Buy Detente, on Brzezinski’s Terms

by Don Baier

Congressmen Critical of Brzezinski Line, Deeply Suspicious on Zaire “Evidence”

U.S. Press Trumpets Washington Split on Carter Speech

Special Report

Schmidt’s Victory Is a Lesson For U.S. Republicans

In Hamburg development was the winning ticket.

U.S. Report

Black Caucus, McGovern Denounce Brzezinski’s Confrontation Games

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Young: “The U.S. Needs a Rational Approach to Africa” – McGovern Questions Brzezinski Role, Warns Carter: Don’t Be Boxed In on Africa – One View of Brzezinski’s M.O. – Black Caucus: “No Diversion from The Development Issue.”

National Energy Forum Scores Carter’s 'No Energy' Policy

Sen. McClure: Set Record Straight on National Energy Needs.

Tax Revolt Means Big Mac for California, IMF Rule for the United States

U.S. Labor Party Executive Statement.

Miller Aims ‘Tax Revolt,’ Eurocurrency Regulation at U.S. Economy

How the California Mandate Turned from Nuclear Energy to Zero Growth

California’s Tax Rebellion: An Old British Trick

by Scott Thompson


Miller, Blumenthal Set To Put New York City Through the Wringer

Even If It Takes Tanks and National Guard In the Streets – N.Y.C. Default Could Bring Down U.S. – Massive Layoffs a Must.

Is Schmidt Readying Gold Option for July Summit?

by Susan Johnson

International Finance: France’s Antidirigist ‘Revolution’

Sacrificing international development for a stock market spree.

Future Growth Is Dependent on Rewards for Risk-Taking Venture Capital

by Wm. Cornelius Hall


Will America Take Up the Fusion Challenge?

by John Schoonover

The Soviets and Japanese are pushing the U.S. to say yes.

Economic Survey

OPEC Comes of Age: The Oil Cartel’s Global Role in Development and Détente

by Judith Wyer

OPED and Global Détente — OPED and the Energy Debate — U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal Reported Near.


A ‘Humanist Revival’ for Italian Education

Italy’s new Education Minister takes on the ‘music mafia’ and others.

Third World

The ‘Grand Design’

Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals — Atoms For Peace — Global Transfer of Technology — Regional Development: Pieces of the “Grand Design.”

Midwest Bankers Push Mideast Development