Volume 5, Number 25, June 27, 1978



Miller Plans British Reorganization of U.S. Banking System

by Kathy Burdman

Will U.S. dollar be used for or against ‘Grand Design’?

West Europeans, Japanese, Saudis Ready ‘Financial Grand Design’

European Press Reports Momentum Toward Grand Design

Britain at the Summit.

Soviets: Halt Damage to Détente

Pravda Replies to President Carter’s Annapolis Speech.

Special Report

Stop the ‘Crash of ’79’ Now

A nonpartisan action program for ’78 from the U.S. Labor Party.

U.S. Report

Brzezinski Anti-Sovietism Cornered

by Konstantin George

Vance Steers African Policy Toward Détente – Vance Reflects Administration Fight.

U.S. Steel Unionists: We Need Capital Investment Like Japan’s

by Matthew Moriarty

Japan’s Steel Industry: An Ultra Modern Complex

U.S. Steelworkers Meet America—in Japan.

Maryland Rep.: Build Counterpole for ‘Era of Prosperity’

Domestic Policy: Tax Revolt: Politics of Depression on a Dead-End Street

by Don Baier


International Currency Reform To Be Wielded as Development Instrument

Bundesbank: Reflation Would Jeopardize East-West Deals – “The Franc, the Mark, and the Snake.”

Senate Banking Hearings: A Forum for Euromarketization of U.S. Banking

“Bring the Eurodollar Market Back Home” – U.S. Controller Heimann: American Banking Regulations “Archaic” – Fed Official: Tear Down Artificial Banking Barriers – Moving the London Euromarket to New York – British Banking Reorganization of U.S. Opposed: Stevenson Aide Says “No Euromarkets in the U.S.” – Miller Fed Is “Compromising” on British Banking Invasion – Protect the American Banking System, Says Administration Official – Bankers Association for Foreign Trade Asks Foreign Bank Regulation.

Moratorium on Foreign Takeovers

Shortened version of U.S. Labor Party statement issued June 20.

The Cities: Rebuild New York–To Expand U.S. Trade: U.S. Labor Party Conference Poses a Development Strategy

Eliminate High Level Nuclear Waste – Adapting U.S. Technology – The History of Humanist City Building – “Energy Problems Are Driving People and Industry Out” – “I Am a Neoplatonist Citybuilder” – Toward Effective Municipal Policy – PSC Spokesman Sees Low Growth Ahead – “New York Is the Key to the U.S. Economy.”

The Other Program For New York: Shrink, Cut, Move Out

Councilman Calls on Carter To Save U.S. Cities

Economic Survey

IMF Bears Down on Italy, But Andreotti Still Looks to a Nuclear-Powered Future

by Margaret Bardwell


An Open Letter to Foreign Affairs: LaRouche Tells Editor William Bundy What’s Really Wrong with the CIA

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


British Ruling Circles Split on Foreign Policy

by Marla Minnicino

Third World

Persian Gulf into the ‘Grand Design’: Israel’s Alternative Is ‘The Crash of ’79’

A Nuclear Alert? – 1. Israel Threatens To Strike the Oil Fields – 2. The Balkanization of the Eastern Front — 3. Britain’s Freemasons Behind Shi’ite Riots in Iran – 4. China’s Anti-Soviet Front in the Gulf.

Saddam Hussein Must Stop Israeli Agent Khomeiny

A U.S. Labor Party memorandum to the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party.