Volume 5, Number 27, July 18, 1978



LaRouche Calls for 100-Days Legislative Package To Lead U.S. into New Monetary System

What Carter Can Do at Bonn

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The U.S. Labor Party’s LaRouche lays out a winning strategy.

A New Global Monetary System

by Renée Sigerson

Bremen and Bonn: A program that can solve America’s economic woes.

The Bremen Communiqué

What Is the Bonn Summit’s Energy Policy?

by Tessa DeCarlo

Israel Arms Nazi Falange with U.S. Weapons

by Robert Dreyfuss

Exclusive exposé of attempts to provoke a Mideast war.

Special Report

The Education of Jude Wanniski

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Review of The Way the World Works by Jude Wanniski, Basic, New York, 1978.

Wanniski: Technology, Adam Smith ... and Consensus versus Coalition

by Jude Wanniski

U.S. Report

Carter to Bonn with ‘Questions, Not Reactions’

Brookings demand for European export cuts pushed into background — Carter Stresses Friendship with Schmidt, Nonintervention Toward Soviets.

How U.S. Officials Are Looking at Bonn

U.S. Press Pushes London’s Line on Bonn Summit

London Uses Shcharansky Trials To Wreck World Economic Recovery

Press backlash on dissident trials targeted against East-West trade, SALT — Did Shcharansky “Fallout” Stop 1978 SALT Pact?

NAACP Champions Development, Exports, and Nuclear Power

by Molly Kronberg

What the press didn’t tell you about the NAACP convention — Black Newspaper Assails IMF Role in Africa — Wilson: “Jobs Come from Economic Growth.”


Gold: A Weapon Against London?

by Steven Parsons

In the wake of Bremen, moves to remonetize the yellow metal – L’Aurore on Rehabilitating Gold – “The Boot Is on the Other Foot.”

LaRouche Explains Why Gold Must Go To $240

And why Europe agrees with him that it must – Why Some U.S. Corporations Are Afraid of a Strong Dollar—For Now — Where Not To Get Advice: The Morgan Bank Old-Age Home.

The Fed’s Miller Under Fire

by Leif Johnson

Economic Survey

The Prospects after Bonn: Where Both Sides of the Grand Design Fight Are Going Next

1. Schmidt Helps Firm a Franco-German Alliance for Development – 2. Giscard’s Post-Bonn Agenda Includes Human Rights for Portugal – Giscard: The Socialist Countries Must Play a Part – 3. Japan Will Pursue Development With or Without U.S. – 4. “Britain Misjudged Badly” and Now Revises Its Options – 5. Italy Isn’t Taking Orders from the British Press.


The Truth Behind the Bell Contempt Order

by Edward Spannaus

SWP case is a set-up for terrorism and a prelude to Cartergate.

Third World

‘Grand Design’ Comes to Mediterranean: Turkey and the Soviets Sign Economic Cooperation Pact

by Nancy Parsons

A Closer Look At The Turkish-Soviet Economic Accords — Ecevit Proposes Joint Development of Eastern Turkey.

Cypriot President: Get British Bases Off Cyprus

Venezuela’s Dangerous Compromise

by Gretchen Small

The perils of pursuing economic development without the necessary political corollary.