Volume 5, Number 29, August 1, 1978


This Week

World in Endgame for Control of World Economy

USLP Confirms Lawyer’s Role in Assassination Plot Directed by International Terrorist Controllers

Bankers Spell Out Threat to LaRouche – “It’s Leftists Who’ll Hit LaRouche.”

Milton Friedman: “Schacht Was a Genius...”

London Times: Defending “American Liberalism”

Ponto’s Contribution to Grand Design Comes to Fruition

Bonn’s Stand Against Terror.


Bonn Leaders Map Industrial Strategy for Third World

Human Rights: “Living Under Decent Conditions” – France and the Nuclear Debate – “European Approach” – Portugal a Key.

Grand Design Vs Race War In Southern Africa

by Peter Buck

Oppenheimer Denounces IMF Austerity.

Andrew Young Leads U.S. African Policy

U.S., Japan Must Cooperate on Fusion

Exclusive Interview at Bonn with Japan Trade and Industry Ministry official Amaya.

Soviets Blast NSC’s Brzezinski Again

by Rachel Berthoff

But U.S.S.R.’s press remains quiet on the Bremen and Bonn summits.

Shcharanskii: Anglo-Israeli Network Man

Special Report

Summitry 1975-77: The Learning Process

by Susan Johnson

The Bonn Communiqué

U.S. Report

British ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Agree: Carter Must Go

by Don Baier

“We did it before in 1972, so we know just how to do it.”

“Elder Statesman” Kissinger Out Front in Coup Drive

Bourne ‘Pillgate’ Scandal Aimed at Carter’s Head

Carter Considering Japanese Fusion Offer?

London replies: no need for A-power with Mexican oil.

State Department Gives Green Light to Mexico Gas Talks

Aspen Institute: ‘Bloom Is Off Nuclear Rose’


British Press Dollar Crisis To Wreck Bremen Agreement

by Alice Shepard

Press Talks Down the Dollar.

International Trade: A ‘Schmidt-Brezhnev Deal’ for Japan?

by Kevin Coogan

Soviet Sector

Soviets Chart Frontiers to 1985: An Analysis of the Central Committee Summer Plenum

by Rachel Berthoff

Brezhnev’s Industrialized Agriculture Program – Siberia: “A Region Headed into the Future.”

Science & Technology

The Anti-Industry ‘Carcinogens’ Hoax

A biologist tells business to quit being defensive.


Challenge to Heritage Foundation’s Tax Exempt Status

Labor Party charges that Foundation’s slanders are political — Who’s Who in the Heritage Foundation.

The Black Guelph Networks That Want LaRouche Dead

On The Trail of LaRouche’s Assassins: The British Plotters and Their Lower Manhattan Allies

Europe, PLO Gird Against Threatened Terror Wave

Carlos Under Watchful Eye of Israel.

Third World

How America Must Respond to ASEAN

by Dean Andromidas

U.S.-ASEAN conference will challenge U.S. development leadership — ASEAN at a Glance — ASEAN Trade at a Glance.

Colombian Peasant Group Calls for High-Technology Development

An Exclusive Interview with FANAL Secretary-General Fausto Charris.