Volume 5, Number 31, August 15, 1978


This Week

What Carter Must Tell Begin

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Zionist Lobby Plans Rerun of 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Oil Embargo

by Robert Dreyfuss

Political chaos to follow Carter Camp David decision.

Currency Warfare Puts Sterling on the Precipice

by Richard Freeman

But London stakes all to save spot rate on pound.

LaRouche an ‘Architect of Gold-Backed Monetary System’


Toward a Mideast Catastrophe?

Carter must turn to Geneva to avoid war and oil embargo – How Israel Pressured Carter into the Camp David Summit.

A Humanist Solution to the Lebanon Crisis

U.S. Labor Party proposes new Lebanese constitution.

Special Report

There Are No Human Rights Under the IMF

Why the IMF must be replaced with a new world monetary system – 1. The IMF takes Over in the Caribbean – 2. How the Fund Is Destroying Peru – 3. Once the IMF Is in Control: Genocide – 4. World Condemnation of the IMF.

What the EMF Can Do

And how it will get rid of the IMF for good.

U.S. Report

Fire Brigade Approach Can’t Save Carter Presidency

ABA Convention: ‘Rule Britannia’: A Report From This Week’s Lawyers’ Meeting In NYC

by Felice Gelman

The American Faction Steps Forward – Andrew Young: Economic Development Is a Human Right.


‘Grand Design’ Credit Strategy Emerges

Arabs, Europeans implementing Bremen accords.

Revealed: Who Runs World Finance

by David Goldman

Opening up the centuries-old secret of the “invisible hand.”

The U.S. Steel Corporation, Morgan’s Saboteur Inside American Industry

by Lydia Dittler

Military Strategy

Peace-Through-Strength Group Disoriented

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Scores ‘Limited Nuclear War’ Delusions of Conservatives.


Terrorist Assault Primed for U.S.

London fuels intelligence war to break Bremen — Robert Moss Incites “Left-Right” Battle — MOVE Shootout Signals Terror Activation.

Third World

Non-Aligned Reaffirm Colombo Accords at Belgrade

by Leela Narayan

New World Order, technology transfer and nuclear power are still its goals.

Frederick Wills at the United Nations

Fidel Castro: Non-Aligned Does Not Mean Neutral

ASEAN Summit Backs New World Economic Order: An On-the-Scene Report

by Dean Andromidas

What Is ASEAN?

Taiwan: A Model for Third World Development

An exclusive interview with a top Taiwan trade official.