Volume 5, Number 33, August 29, 1978


This Week

Short Fuse on War and Terror

by Robert Dreyfuss

The plot to terrorize Europe and detonate the Middle East.

Schlesinger’s ‘China Card’ Against Fusion

The “geopolitical” motives for suppressing the Princeton results.

West Germany: ‘The European Monetary Fund Will Out-Dimension the IMF’

by David Goldman


Israel’s War of Terror

by Vivian Zoakos

How Terrorism is Deployed – The Battle over Terror in Europe – The Worldwide Activation – Terror Circles Attack the Labor Parties – The Right-Left Networks in the Mideast – Mideast Moves for a Cleanup.

New Openings in Italy’s Moro Case

Terror’s Israeli Links Revealed in the Press

The Press Battle: Three Examples

Knights of St. John Plan Suit Against USLP

Charge Israelis Bombed Beirut PLO Offices


Israelis, Falangists Plot Invasion of Lebanon

by Mary Jane Coates

Chicago Tribune: Lebanese Rightists Seek Begin’s Help

Mexico Expropriates Latifundios

by Pablo Silva

López Portillo goes after the enemies of his oil and nuclear development policies – ‘Beginning of the End of Latifundios’ – Support for Mexico’s Expropriation Action.

Special Report

Thermonuclear War by October?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche warns that Mideast conflict and world terrorism could trigger World War III.


Europe Raises Dollar Level

London’s Prescriptions for the Dollar

A survey of the press.

Despite British Countermoves, European Monetary Fund Moves Ahead

Arab Monetary Fund Opens Door for Business

Matthöfer: ‘Firm Determination’ To Defend the Dollar

The International Bank Ring Behind Terrorism

by David Goldman


Schlesinger versus Fusion: A Dossier

An inside report on the attempt to suppress the Princeton results — Schlesinger’s Malthusian Philosophy — The Press on Schlesinger’s Sabotage.

U.S. Report

Mondale Moves To Sabotage Camp David, Carter-Congress Relations

by Kathleen Murphy

ADLer: Mondale’s Role in Mideast Policy

Schlesinger: ‘Pass My Energy Bill Or I’ll Resign’

by William Engdahl

What Congress Says About Schlesinger

McGovern Charges Cambodia with Genocide

by Barbara Dreyfuss

McGovern Associate: Brzezinski ‘Contained’?

A ‘New’ Trade Policy?

Including an exclusive interview with Senator Stevenson’s aide Robert Russell, and excerpts from the Senator’s tough challenge to Brzezinski on export policy.

Third World

China Tries To ‘Encircle’ U.S.S.R.

by Peter Rush

The Hua trip took its cue from British geopolitics – Hua and Romania’s Ceausescu’s Greetings – What London’s Press Had To Say – The Soviet View of Hua’s Trip – Vietnam: China Seeking to Conquer Southeast Asia.

Pushing Iran into the ‘China Option’

by Judith Wyer

Documenting the ugly intent of the “human rights” question.

Chinese-Inspired Coup Attempt Aborted in Afghanistan