Volume 5, Number 36, September 18, 1978


This Week

Europe’s plan to win the peace

by David Goldman

The EMS provides the alternative to a Camp David debacle.

Threat of war hangs over Camp David fiasco

Fukuda: Dollar Weakness Endangers World Peace

Carter’s way out: SALT

Kissinger’s executive seminars disorganize U.S. business leaders

Inside Kissinger’s Georgetown Brainwash Sessions.

Special Report: Why the World Bank Pushes Drugs

1. The plantation plan for the Caribbean

2. How the pushers sell drug economies

3. How Mexico waged war on drugs

Pothead media mourn Mexico drug destruction.

4. How Kissinger blocked U.S. antidrug policy

5. Finance and drugs: the London connection


Behind the veil over Camp David: Zionists mobilize for war

by Mark Burdman

Includes British threats of a new oil crisis, and the Soviets’ denunciation of the “METO” proposal.

Oil crisis threatened

Massive Israeli arms sales to Latin American military regimes exposed in Mexico

Exclusively in EIR: the text of Socialist Party of Workers’ exposé of Israeli arms traffic scandal.

An open rebuke to Italy’s Pajetta

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on the Shah of Iran’s fight for industrial development — How Pajetta attacked the Shah of Iran.

The plot behind the Iran crisis

by Judith Wyer

London sees the Shah’s ouster as key to Mideast Cold War drive.

Soviet Sector

A Hungarian leader discusses U.S. policy

An exclusive interview with our correspondent in Bonn.

Moscow is on to Brzezinski’s Mideast game

Military Strategy

West Germany criticizes NATO maneuvers

by John Sigerson

A full report on the first public split between West Germany and the NATO command — What is “Autumn Reforger”? — NATO’s war-losing strategy: Warsaw Pact vs NATO orders of battle.

Soviets on NATO maneuvers: ‘A strategy of intimidation’

French warn of World War III


The Bremen accords come of age

by Susan Johnson

Implementation of the European Monetary System is speeding forward faster than anyone expected.

1. The latest anti-EMS line is ‘pro’

Britain Braces Against EMS Currency Effects

2. North-South deals strengthened

by Dana Sloan

3. Soviet interest is running high

by John Sigerson

Third World

IMF pressures Guyana against LaRouche

The brutal economic policy behind world terrorism.

Economic Survey

Turkish outlook hinges on fight with lMF

by Nancy Parsons

Economist urges pastoral Turkey ... Enraged Turks reply

Brandt Commission sabotages Istanbul development meet

U.S. Report

Primary elections rife with fraud

Massive disenfranchisement threatened for November.

Brzezinski positioned to wreck U.S. exports

Machinery institute debunks his “restrictive” policy.