Volume 5, Number 39, October 10, 1978


This Week

From Disneyland to Halloween

Though the EMS moves forward, insanity rules in Washington.

On the Death of Pope John Paul

High Score for Terror Foes in Europe

President Henry A. Kissinger?

Third World

Henry Kissinger’s ‘Appropriate Technology’

by Daniel Sneider

Environmentalism versus developing and industrial nations.

1. The Kissingerians Plan U.S. Policy

by Cynthia Parsons

The AT mafia: ‘Back to 3,500 B.C.’

2. Why Appropriate Technology Can’t Work

The real science of development, explained by the Fusion Energy Foundation.

3. The Genocidal Results in Bangladesh

4. Kissinger and the Brandt Commission

An exposé from the Indian weekly New Wave.

5. From the U.S. Debate on Development

Including excerpts from the Brookings Institution proposal and the Humphrey foreign aid bill.


After Camp David, War Over Lebanon?

Syrian leader: Kissinger killed Faisal.

U.S. Business Joins Administration in Disneyland

by Kathleen Murphy

Including an exclusive interview with top Chicago banker Robert Abboud, and a report from the American Productivity Conference.


Arabs, Japan, Soviets Link Up with EMS

The new monetary order seeks war-avoidance–but where’s the United States?

Europe: A Shock Treatment for Brzezinski

by Dana Sloan and John Sigerson

The EMF versus the IMF

OPEC: Direct Oil for Direct Technology

by Judith Wyer

Japan: Building up ‘Bremen East’

by Richard Katz

Fukuda: Oil for Technology Deals for Japan and Mexico

Soviet Sector

Soviets: Camp David, ‘Another Munich’

by Susan Welsh

“Black International” seeks to control U.S. government – “The Lessons of Munich” – Three Commentaries from Novosti: Tiger’s paws à la Peking – The microbes of Munich – Highlights: the Soviets on Britain and Zionism – When the illusions of Camp David fade away.


The CIA-Only a Caretaker Force

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Labor Party Chairman Lyndon H. LaRouche looks at who’s responsible for the Agency’s collapse.

U.S. Report

Drug and Gambling Czars Tied to Vote Theft

How Bronfman, mobsters fix U.S. elections.

Drugs and War: Edgar Bronfman Views the World

A wide-ranging interview with the Seagram’s boss.


How Zionists Orchestrate KKK Terrorism

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An introduction by the U.S. Labor Party’s LaRouche on the preparations for a terror activation.

The Rothschild Roots of the Ku Klux Klan

by Paul Goldstein

How Klan-Zionist Terror Operates Today

by Scott Thompson