Volume 5, Number 40, October 17, 1978


This Week

A Mideast Explosion Is Imminent

America’s failure has opened the region to London’s war plans.

Japan Agrees with Schmidt: ‘EMF To Help the Dollar’

NSC’s Trade Sabotage Scored

by Maureen Manning

Drugs and Political Murder-the Soviets Launch a Probe

U.S. Report

Is U.S. Policy Made in Disneyland?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche warns that lunacy in Washington threatens disaster, depression, and war.

1. Economic Fantasyland: ‘Domestic Camp David’

by Lydia Dittler

One voice of sanity

2. Camp David ‘Triumph’ Leaves Mideast Policy in Ruins

by Robert Dreyfuss

3. Two Brands of Insanity on SALT and Détente

4. Policy Disaster in Africa

by Kathy Stevens


Britain Begs for Entry into EMS

by Susan Johnson

Soviets, Japanese pledge support for system’s development goals.

The Miyazawa Plan

Safeway’s British Labor Strategy Spells Trouble in U.S.

by Lydia Dittler

Who’s Who on Safeway’s British Board.


Another Popular Mandate for Helmut Schmidt

by John Sigerson

The internal reaction to West Germany’s Hesse elections.

The EAP’s Program Won in Hesse, But Its Votes Were Stolen


Begin Crackdown on IMF Drug Trade

by Donald Baier

House Committee Rips Drug Trade, Drug Banking

Carter Pledges Crackdown on Drugs

Colombia Declares War on Drugs

DEA Campaigns Against Leniency Toward Pot

Pot Condemned as Glaucoma Remedy

by John Bellows, M.D.

Bourne Opposes Anti-Cocaine Fight

Public Backlash Hits Drug Decriminalizers

by Marcia Pepper

Third World

Turkey Rejects IMF’s ‘Straitjacket’ and Cold War

An exclusive interview with Turkish Foreign minister Gündüz Okçün on debt, drugs, and détente.

Will Turkey Volunteer To ‘Stem the Red Tide’?

by Nancy Parsons

Turkish Official: No Nostalgia for Cold War

Economic Survey

Britain Plots U.S.-Canada Merger

by Peter Wyer

The City of London’s stalking horse grabs for America’s economy.

Special Report

The Elite That Can’t Think Straight

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche on the method and madness of the Council on Foreign Relations.