Volume 5, Number 42, October 31, 1978


This Week

The President Calls for Collapse

by Lydia Dittler

Will his “anti-inflation” speech wake the U.S. to the European Monetary System alternative?

Camp David Architects: Arab Unity ‘Beyond Comprehension’

by Robert Dreyfuss

The Truth About Drug Decrim

Special Report: Dope, Inc.–It’s the Biggest Business of All

1. Drugs and Banking: The World Picture

How the “HongShang” and other British banks run the drug trade.

2. From Opium to Dirty Money

3. How Drug Trade Is Financed: The HongShang


A ‘Bank of Europe’ for 1979?

by Susan Johnson

‘Consensus of Despair’ in Britain

British ‘Sick Man’ Ready for the Undertaker?

by Susan Cohen

Ireland Bolts Sinking Ship – Columnist Promotes “Post-Industrial” Britain.

The Facts on the European Monetary Fund

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

An antidote by Lyndon H. LaRouche to some of the lying reports being circulated to American leaders.

Wanniski: EMS an Answer to Inflation

by Jude Wanniski

U.S. Report

Carter’s Economic War Against the U.S.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

How Kissinger took control of the President.

Discarding the ‘China Card’ for a U.S. War Buildup

New Anti-Inflation Czar Admires the Nazis’ Economy


PRM-41 and the Great Mexican Oil Grab

by Tim Rush

Economic and civil war plotted: a secret presidential policy review.

Mexican Oil a ‘National Security Threat’

The Men Who Make ‘Scenarios’ Come True

A Kennedy-linked think-tanker floats scenario for possible border war.


Capriccio Siciliano

by Julian Semyonov

Part two of the Soviets’ explosive investigation of Peking drugs, the Mafia, and the Kennedy assassination.


Soviets Link SALT to East-West Trade

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Europe Revolts Against U.S. Confrontationism

by James Cleary

Including excerpts from West German Defense Minister Apel’s sharp warning to NATO.

Third World

For Republic of Korea, Growth Is Independence

by Peter Ennis

A first-hand report that clears away some of the myths of U.S. Asia policy.

A Visit to Pohang Steel

‘We Are Investing in the Human Being’

An exclusive interview with a top economic planner.

‘We Will Have No Choice But To Rely on Nuclear’

An exclusive interview with a leading Korean official on energy policy.