Volume 5, Number 44, November 14, 1978


This Week

Elections Dim Outlook for U.S. Dollar

by Mark Cook and Paul Arnest

Action by Europe can help counter results of fraud.

Gandhi Victory Hits World Bank

by Leela Narayan

Haig Attacks Détente–and U.S. Strength

by Christina Nelson

Economic Survey

Japan Exports the American System

by Peter Ennis

The Japanese step out into the world. Recently back from Japan, EIR correspondent Peter Ennis assesses that country’s new role.

Japan’s Contribution to Mideast Peace

An exclusive interview with former Prime Minister Takeo Miki.

Tokyo Capital Market Puts Muscle Behind ‘Bremen East’

by Richard Katz

U.S. Report

Fraud Makes Mockery of U.S. Elections

Austerity- and drug-pushers win through vote theft.

Freeman in Baltimore: ‘I Beat Parren Mitchell’


Is a U.S. Recession Necessary?

A documentary survey of the British austerity line and some sane opinion to the contrary.

Influence Peddling and the Great American Outback

Guard your mind: the British are coming.

Cracking the Great Recession Obsession

by Susan Cohen

A critical look at our competition.


The Shah’s Clean-Up – BP and Shell Next?

by Judith Wyer

The leader of Iran is countering London with a purge of the corrupt Bahai cult – Who’s Protecting Khomeini in France?

French, Soviets Warn Khomeini

Britain Yells ‘Oil Crisis’, Saudis Show It’s Not So

A comparison of the hype for a "crash of’79" and the less publicized facts of the case.

Soviet Sector

Moscow to U.S.: ‘We Are Coresponsible for Peace’

by Susan Welsh

Kosygin: ‘A Great Responsibility Rests with Both Our Countries’

Correction to previous issue of EIR

Third World

López Portillo’s Trip to Asia Prepares ‘Pacific Basin’ Development Region

by Pablo Silva

Mexican Legislator Ties Nation’s Growth to EMF

López Portillo on ‘Winning The Peace’

A survey of some of the highlights of the Mexican leader’s remarks during his Asian tour.

Democracy and Austerity Don’t Mix

by Laurence Hecht

Colombia faces another Chile, thanks to Carter-style economic policies.


Cornered Britain Moves To Join the EMS

by Marla Minnicino

Including some tough European commentary on the British attitude.

Schmidt on the ‘Grand Design’

‘The EMS Means Growth – The Opposite of What Britain’s Achieved’

Schmidt Spokesman on the Theory of the EMS

Exclusive: an interview with West German economics advisor Dr. Armin Grünewald, from our Milan bureau.

Special Report

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and ‘the Pakistan Papers’

by Daniel Sneider

Awaiting a death verdict, the jailed leader has smuggled out documents on how he is being tortured by the Pakistan junta.

Bhutto Appeals to UN for Human Rights

by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


Scotiabank, NSA Wage Finance War on LaRouche

Canada banking networks caught stealing from organizations’ bank accounts.