Volume 5, Number 45, November 21, 1978


This Week

Mexico Becomes the New Oil Giant

A tremendous opportunity for America, if.

Behind The Campaign Against Nuclear Fusion

Terror Against NSIPS Shows Impact of Drug Exposé

The Shah Pulls the Plug on the BBC


Britain’s Bank War

Will dirty money, dope, and terror keep America in line?

The Dirty Politics of ‘Bankergate’

by Kathy Burdman

What’s Behind the Canada-U.S. Bank Deal

The Real Philadelphia Mainline

Israeli Banking a British Intelligence Operation

Also on the Philly Mainline: Terrorism


Israeli H-bomb Aimed at the EMS

A scandal that will rock the international political scene London’s ultimate threat against the new monetary system

1. How U.S. Traitors Gave Israel the H-bomb

by David Goldman

2. Carter’s Budget Prepares America for War

3. EMS Pries London’s Grip from Third World

by Renée Sigerson

4. Europe Says ‘No Thanks’ to Arms Buildup

by John Sigerson

Using Suicide to Scare the Soviets

5. Pushing a U.S.-USSR Mideast Showdown


John Paul II’s ‘Augustinian’ Papacy

Exclusive: an interview with a close associate of the new Pope’s from NSIPS in Rome.

Special Report

National Security Agency Caught Working For British Intelligence

A report on a mail-fraud and financial-milking operation against the U. S. Labor Party by a top branch of America’s intelligence services.

The Assassination Plot Against USLP Chairman LaRouche


Capriccio Siciliano

by Julian Semyonov

The fourth and final installment of our exclusive translation of the Soviets’ politically explosive exposé.

Who’s Got the News That’s Fit To Print?


Arabs Lead UN Drive For Nuclear Power

by Leif Johnson

Everyone else is going nuclear - where’s the U.S.? Includes a sharp critique of zero growth and appropriate technologies by the head of IAEA.

Oil-Producing Nations Join the Nuclear Club

U.S. Oilmen Seek Expanded Nuclear Energy Role

Third World

Indira Gandhi’s Political Comeback - How Fast? How Far? ...

Gandhi: India Needs National Unity To Develop

An interview with the Indian leader made available by the weekly New Wave.

U.S. Report

Midterm Elections Prelude Disaster in 1980

by Dr. Stephen Pepper

An assessment that sees Kissinger and Kennedy the big winners in many of the Nov. 7 races.

Maryland: USLP’s Freeman Claims Victory over Mitchell in Baltimore

Washington: Fabians Sweep Congressional Races

by Marianna Wertz

California: GOP Hands Governorship to Mr. Austerity

by Donald Baier

Illinois: Percy Victory a Setback for Nation

New York: Kissinger the Kiss of Death for State GOP

Pennsylvania: Thornburgh Strikes Rotten Bargain