Volume 5, Number 46, November 28, 1978


This Week

Perilously Close to Nuclear War

How death-cult politics brought the world to the brink.

NATO Attacks Its Own ‘Southern Flank’

by R.D. Cedeno

Fraud Fight Hit With Legal Flim-Flam

The fight for fair elections in Maryland.

Third World

The Oil Giant Next Door

by Dennis Small

Mexico’s huge new oil finds are good news for everyone.

How Much Oil Does Mexico Really Have?

1. Mexico Links the EMS and the Third World

by Pablo Silva

2. The Coming Industrial Boom

by Tim Rush

Pemex: Mexico’s National Oil Company

3. U.S. Policy Blunders

by Pablo Silva

Kennedy Aide: ‘Investment Should Be on the Labor-Intensive Side’

Washington Star Endorses Mexican Oil Plans


$70 Billion EMS Is Now Established

by David Goldman

The world is at a strategic conjuncture as the EC meets with Asians, Latin Americans.

Finalize Plans for the EMS Development Fund

by Lydia Dittler

Japan Launches a Two-Tier Credit Market for Development

by Richard Katz

‘Take a Courageous Initiative’

Ireland’s EC Commissioner Speaks about the EMS in Chicago.


France, Soviets Map Eurasian Alliance

by Dana Sloan

Bloc for peace and cooperation would supplant NATO.

International Push for Geneva Conference Emerges

by Robert Dreyfuss

A Settlement in the Western Sahara

Development To Cool the African Horn

Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals

Germany, Japan Firm Euro-Asian Ties

Will Britain Be Left in the Cold?

Soviet Sector

East-West Trade, or East-West War?

by Rachel Berthoff

The Soviets bluntly warn of the danger of nuclear war, but affirm their commitment to peaceful cooperation.

Who Is Threatened by the Neutron Bomb?

The Second Discovery of Dynamite

by Vladimir Simyonov


Who’s Behind the Jim Jones Cult?

A fact sheet for U.S. citizens, law enforcement officers, and public officials.

U.S. Report

Is a Fight Ahead over Carter’s Wartime Budget?

by Donald Baier

Ike’s Definition of U.S. Strength

Carter’s ‘Guns, Not Butter’ Budget

‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ Staged To Provoke War

The Administration’s Civil Defense Fraud

The Money Behind Murdoch

by Fay Sober and Mark Cooke

How a British publisher moved in on the U.S.—and why.

The British Press Invasion of the U.S.


‘We Need a Profound National Crisis’

An interview with Italian Senator Massimo De Carolis.

Italian Guelph Scion Is Jailed for Terrorist Murder

‘The Organizing Principle Is Similar to the Nazis’

“Terrorism expert” H.H.A. Cooper speaks out.

Special Report

Flank of Assassination Plot Exposed

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. traces “hit” networks of the Mossad, Permindex, and the FBI’s Division Five.


EMS the Target in Bankers’ War on LaRouche

by Barbara Roberts

The politics behind the Bank of Nova Scotia theft.