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Volume 5, Number 48, December 12, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 48, December 12, 1978

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This Week

Now the U.S. Has To Decide  

Will the U.S. go the way of bankrupt Britain or join the new monetary system?

Bhutto’s Fate in the Balance  

by Daniel Sneider

Japan’s New Government: ‘Low Quality’  

Crack in Cult Coverup  


The New Monetary System-It’s Official!  

by Marla Minnicino

1. What’s Next on the Agenda?  

by Renée Sigerson

Giscard on Those Who Stayed Out  

2. Britain’s ‘Grand Delusion’ Shattered  

Kissinger, Friedman: EMS Means War.

3. Italy: From the Pan into the Fire  

by Mary Sonnenblick

PCI Favors Great Britain’s Position – Pandolfi: We Can’t Miss the EEC Boat.

4. How the EMS Was Built  

Soviet Sector

Soviets View Schmidt’s Key EMS Role  

But this Novosti commentary reflects Soviets’ policy dilemma.


Organized Crime Goes Legit  

by Felice Merrit and Al Douglas

How Kennedy “reformers,” the mob, and drug bankers took over in New Jersey.

Mob At Work: The Sawicky Case  

Report Names Lansky, Intertel, and Scotiabank  


What’s At Stake in Iran  

NATO, Kissinger moot regional chaos, oil crisis, and World War III.

The Shah Is Ready for a Fight  

by Judith Wyer

Iranian Leader: ‘Reveal Britain’s Plundering Designs’  

The Soviets Warn of U.S. Military Intervention  

A Novosti release provided to this journal expresses Soviet concern over its strife-torn neighbor.

Kissinger Demands a Showdown  

Third World

Another U.S. Fiasco in Indochina  

by Dean Andromidas

Peking lures the Administration into embracing Cambodia.

‘A Dictatorial, Militarist, and Fascist Regime’  

The U.S.S.R.-Vietnam Treaty  

Third World Battles for Press Responsibility  

by Leif Johnson

At the UN, heated debate over the role of the media.

Free Expression ... Or Disinformation and Lies?  

U.S.: Freedom of Expression Vital; Third World: Disinformation Retards Development  

U.S. Report

Ted Kennedy’s Deadly Health Hoax  

by Kathleen Murphy

A right-to-die plan for America’s “useless eaters.”

‘Death, Dying and Decision-Making’: Cutting Hospital Costs to the Bone  

Defeating Kennedy’s Health Bill  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A policy statement contributed by U. S. Labor Party chairman Lyndon LaRouche.

AMA Assails Kennedy Health Plan  

Nation of Islam Attacks the Death Cults  

by Anita Gallagher

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