Volume 5, Number 49, December 19, 1978


This Week

Kennedy, Haig, and the Threat of War

Zionist Lobby Boasts ‘We back Kennedy’s War Against Carter’

EIR’s Quijano Spreads the Word to Texas

Special Report

Legalized Dope?

by Michele Steinberg

The Results of Decrim in New York State

by Anita Gallagher

A National Fight To Stop Drugs

Catholic Physicians Call for Aid To Stop Colombia Drugs

French Expert: Cannabis ‘Destroys Man’

An exclusive interview with Professor Gabriel Nahas.

‘High’ Finance Finds Itself Under Heavy Fire

HongShang Bank Pleads Its Case.

British Intelligence’s Last Resort

by David Goldman


EMS Bandwagon Gains Speed

by Nancy Spannaus

The new monetary system is upping its global political impact – France’s $100 Billion Program – L’Unità: “The EMS Is a Mistake.”

Mideast: Arena for EMS Peace Policy

by Judith Wyer

The U.S.: Miller Signals a Shift

by Kathy Burdman

Japan: Fighting in the Shadows

by Kevin Coogan


How the EMS Will Work

by Alice Shepard

The technicalities and politics of the new system.

The Brussels Communiqué


A New Strategy for NATO?

by James Cleary

Schmidt and the EMS force a shift.

Soviet Press Reveals Why Luns Is Worried

Why Britain Created NATO, and How the U.S. Got Roped In

by Robert Kay

Third World

Brazil’s Unresolved Energy Dilemma

by Dennis Small

Petrobras’s Araken de Oliveira on the Energy Future of Brazil

An exclusive interview with the head of Brazil’s state oil company.

Petrobras of Brazil–Cornerstone of Nation-Building

U.S. Report

Vote Fraud Machine in Baltimore Challenged

Independent’s big to oust Mitchell is focusing scrutiny on the role of Zionism in U.S. elections.

Baltimore’s Zionists Trace Their Roots to the Confederacy