Volume 6, Number 1, January 9, 1979


This Week

Theory of the European Monetary System

What Europe needs to secure world peace and development.

The U.S. Is Lured Back Into the Indochina Quagmire

by Richard Katz

Who’s Been Protecting Mark Lane?

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Jones’ cult lawyer is the object of a quick coverup.

Mexican Government To Attend EIR Seminars


Europe Races To Stop the Crash of ’79

by Robert Dreyfuss

Iran crisis is the focus for Britain’s “New Dark Ages” policy.

Geopoliticians Spell Out New Dark Ages

A series of exclusive interviews.

Carter Must Back the Baktiar Option

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche warns the Administration on the dangers of further destabilization.

Media Eggs Carter To ‘Hang Tough’ Against Soviets

Soviets Warn Against Outside Interference

Iran’s New Premier–Can He Succeed?

by Judith Wyer

Baktiar: ‘We Will Try To Put the Country Back On Its Feet’

Turkish Riots Tied to ‘International Conspiracy’

by Nancy Parsons

Oil Crisis Danger Is Inflated

by Leif Johnson

Special Report

Who Really Runs Air Force Intelligence

Zionism, cultism, and the ‘New Dark Ages’ policy.

French Writer Calls for Return to ‘Tribal’ Existence


EMS Begins On Target–‘Unofficially’

Last-minute intrigue fails to halt global development thrust.

EMS Diplomacy for Development

by Renée Sigerson

‘Economic Growth Through Higher Third World Living Standards’


British Policy Offers Southern Africa More Chaos

by David Cherry

Latest murder scandal threatens Botha government.

The Zionists’ Blackmail of South Africa

U.S. Report

Freeman Files Challenge to Seating of Mitchell

Fight looms in Congress as candidate takes fraud case before nation.

What Freeman Is Telling Congress

by Debra Hanania Freeman

Economic Survey

How To Build a Nation

by Christopher Allen

A capital-intensive model for Latin America and the world.