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Volume 6, Number 2, January 16, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 2, January 16, 1979

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This Week

London’s Flashpoint For World War III  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Britain and Brzezinski push NATO coup in Iran.

U.S. China Card Policy Defeated at Phnom Penh  

U.S. Labor Party’s LaRouche Announces Presidential Bid  


How Brzezinski Is Linked to the Jones Cult  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on Britain’s “New Dark Ages” policy in action.

How Britain Runs the ‘Radical Left’  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

New information obtained from Tavistock agent Michael Vale.


Carter Is Offered a Triumvirate For Progress  

by Garance Phau

Press on the Summit: De Gaulle’s ‘Directorate’ Realized  

Guadeloupe Summit Cracks The Anglo-American “Special Relationship.”

Germany, France Aid Turkey Against IMF  

by Nancy Parsons

The Future of the EMS is Appraised by Soviet Magazine  

Czechs Note Giscard-Brzezinski Rift  

Britain: Dangerously Unhinged  

A survey of the London press.


Will Carter Say Yes to Dollar Support?  

by Alice Sheppard

Schmidt, Giscard offer dollar link to EMS.

HongShang-Midland Merger in Trouble  

Central bank of world drug trade could face public hearings.

U.S. Report

Mail Fraud, Maoists, and MI-6  

by Steve Parsons

The U.S. Postal Service is in worse shape than you suspect.

Soviet Sector

CIA Agent’s Death Tied to Drug Trade  

by Julian Semyonov

Soviet sleuth reports Paisley met with Mafia drug czars.

Third World

A Military Coup Threatened in Iran  

by Judith Wyer

Britain urges generals’ revolt to foster Lewis Plan.

Israeli Strategist: Iran Will Spark Regional Crises  

by Nancy Parsons

In South Asia, India and Pakistan in Turmoil  

by Daniel Sneider

Junta Rules By ‘Natural Right,’ Claims Minister  

An exclusive interview with Pakistan’s Information Minister Mahmood Azam Farooqui.

Bhutto Demands Justice from Junta  

Excerpts from the former Prime Minister’s speech before the Supreme Court.

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