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Volume 6, Number 4, January 30, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 4, January 30, 1979

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This Week

The Crisis in Iran Spreads  

by Robert Dreyfuss

And now reports underline the danger of global war.

The Pope and Europe’s Development Diplomacy  

Panel To Set a Competent U.S. Health Policy  

Junta readies Bhutto’s Murder  

U.S. Report

The Presidency 1980  

Who’s the man to lead America into the EMS?

Shaping the Century To Come  

Excerpts from U.S. Labor Party Chairman LaRouche’s declaration of his candidacy.

Haig, Kennedy: A Rigged Choice  

by Kathleen Murphy

Daily Telegraph Endorses Haig – A Profile of London’s Choices – London’s Scenario for 1980.

Carter: ‘A Slow Walk Toward War’  

by Konstantin George

LaRouche’s Warning on the Carter War Danger  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Vote Fraud Threat in 1980  

by Edward Spannaus


EMS Takes On EC Farm Mess  

by Susan Cohen

Third World relations linked to modernization efforts – France-Iraq Talks Typify EMS’s Third World Approach.

Europe Begins Gold Remonetization  

by Susan Johnson

Many Questions, Few Answers  

State Department pushes “China card” on American business – Brzezinski: “China a Global Force for Peace” – Vance: China Ties Encourage Equilibrium in Asia.

Japan’s Approach to Chinese Trade  

Economic Survey

What’s Ahead for U.S. Auto  

How Ford Gave the British a Black Eye  

by Marla Minnicino

A New Global Framework for Business  

Excerpts from a speech by Ford President Philip Caldwell.

Ford or GM: Two Models For Auto  

by Lydia Dittler

Soviet Sector

Soviet Foreign Policy Debate: Will It Be a Rapallo-ite Détente or ‘Class Struggle’?  

by Susan Welsh

Includes excerpts from the Soviet and international press – Watching the Soviet Fight over Khomeini – French Foreign Ministry: New Times Slander Not Official Soviet View.

Third World

Islam Sects Fuel Mideast Chaos  

A report on London’s Muslim Brotherhood.

What Is the Muslim Brotherhood?  

A Profile of Ikwhan Operations – Washington Post Waves Islam Flag.

Saudi Arabia: The Next Iran?  

Khomeini’s Friends at Foggy Bottom  


Scandal Brewing over U.S. Bank Buy-Ups  

Investigations chart British financial war versus U.S. adversaries.


Carter Resolves On Gas Policy  

by Tim Rush

Decision sidesteps Mexico’s desire for industrial development – “Seal the Border and Watch Them Scream” – On U.S. Mexico Policy, State Siding with Schlesinger.

On Mexico, Carter Makes an About-Face  

Schlesinger Line Won’t Budge Mexico  


The Zionists’ Holocaust Today  

A statement by European Labor Party Chairman Helga Zepp-LaRouche on the myth of German collective guilt.

Soviet Justice Minister Rejects Zionists’ Campaign Against B.R.D.  

Strike Wave: Britain Asked For It  

by Marla Minnicino

Special Report

Spain’s Opus Dei  

by R.D. Cedeño and Antonio Juarez

An elite working for scientific progress.

Basque ETA Terrorists Move To Stop Spain’s Progress  

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