Volume 6, Number 7, February 20, 1979


This Week

Mexico, B.R.D. Warn U.S.

Nation told to wake up to Carter’s insanity.

Persian Gulf Chaos Builds Toward Superpower Conflict

by Mark Burdman

Pakistani Supreme Court Grants Bhutto 10-Day Stay of Execution

Italians Want U.S. Ambassador Out


A New Cuban Missile Crisis Today

by Konstantin George

Like 1962, U.S. is playing a “chicken game” with the U.S.S.R.

Brown Gives Saudis the Royal Treatment

by Nancy Parsons

China Threatens War Against Vietnam

by Daniel Sneider

Soviets Counter Drive for War

U.S.S.R., Vietnam warn of China card threat to world peace.

Germans Attack Carter Provocations

France’s Tremblay on Carter, LaRouche

An exclusive interview with noted French intellectual Dr. Emmanuel Tremblay.


The Oil Crisis: How Real Is It?

by Richard Freeman

IEA head dispels fears of an oil shortage.

Oil: There Is Plenty of It

by Judith Wyer

Schlesinger Pumps U.S. Energy Crisis

by William Engdahl

Economic Outlook

Foreign Exchange: Dollar’s Stability Is Deceptive

by David Goldman

Trade: White House Threatens Japan with Trade War

by Renée Sigerson

Gold Struggle for Control of World Gold Markets

by Alice Shepard

Britain: Will China Bail Out Britain’s Industry?

Credit Markets: Fed Chairman Attacks American ‘Cult of Growth’

Commodities: Behind the Surge in Beef Prices

Corporate Strategy: What’s Behind the Amexco–McGraw-Hill Fight

by Leif Johnson

From Our Competition... Keeping Tabs of the Economist

by Richard Schulman

U.S. Report

Stevenson: Carter’s Policy Is Incompetent

In a special report from Chicago Sen. Stevenson says he and LaRouche agree on monetary system.


Who Toppled Iran’s Shah

by Robert Dreyfuss

Third World

Colombia To Be a Pot Plantation

by Dennis Small

EIR’s Dennis Small reports back from Latin America, plus organizational denunciations of continued military repression.

Who’s Pushing Colombian Drugs?

by Laurence Hecht

What the drug pushers and their front groups are saying, and who’s trying to stop them.

Organization Promotes Drug Legalization

Bensinger: Wipe It Out, Mexican Style

Economic Survey

A Theory for the Development of African Labor

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche maps out a comprehensive approach to modernization.

Battle Shaping Up for Nigerian Election Contest

by Stanley Ezrol

Development Is Nigeria’s Future

Back Cover: London Afternoon Gold Price