Volume 6, Number 8, February 27, 1979


This Week

Behind Camp David

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Britain’s “bust OPEC” caper.

Oil Hoaxsters Lure OPEC into Price-Rise Tactics

by Judith Wyer

López Delivers Shock of Reality to Carter


British Puppets Prepare Armageddon

by Daniel Sneider

Includes Soviet warnings, statements from Hanoi and Peking, what Europe is thinking, plus Germany’s stake in détente.

The Strategic Parameters of World War III

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche on how the China-Vietnam war will go nuclear.

Egypt-Israel Pact: The Second Front

by Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Report

Who’s Running the Government?

Missile Crisis-style EXCOM takes charge of Carter.

State Acts Like It’s Preparing for Conflict

U.S. Counterforce Posture: Calculated Madness

by Robert Cohen and Paul Goldstein

GOP, Dems Turn to LaRouche Leadership

Republicans call for an American foreign policy.

Teamsters Grope for a Bargaining Strategy

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Labor Periscope

AFL-CIO Leaders Upset By Carter China Policy – PROD Falling Apart – Cesar Chavez in Cahoots with United Brands, Opposes Agricultural Labor-Saving Technology.


Strategic Reserve Plan Hits EMS

Oil grab would prepare U.S., British Commonwealth for war; secret memo to President Carter tells the story.

The Reserve: Who’s Pushing It?

Quotes from Kennedy’s speech on Mexican oil, and an exclusive interview with energy consultant Goldmuntz.


Banking Confab Turns into Fight

by Mark Tritsch and Susan Johnson

IMF credit rationing versus EMF lending the issue in conference debate on the future of the world economy.

British Banker: I Hope LaRouche Breaks His Neck

Rough Going for Bank Takeovers

by Kathy Burdman

Economic Outlook

Credit Markets: Miller Hints at Recession, Signs of Credit Tightening

by Richard Freeman

Foreign Exchange: Dollar’s Stability Is Deceptive

by Susan Johnson

Gold: A Pause in the Gold Rush

by Alice Shepard

Corporate Strategy: Question Mark over Chrysler

by Lydia Schulman

Commodities: Commodity Speculation Based on War Economy Drive

by Richard Schulman

Trade: U.S. Protectionism Aimed at Derailing Tokyo Summit

by Richard Katz

From Our Competition: The Economist on Spot Oil Pricing

British Steel on Downward Slide

by Lydia Schulman

AMA meeting throws cold water on much trade talk.

China Trade or China Swindle?

by Peter Rush

Limited oil reserves, bureaucracy, and domestic political uncertainty all combine to cloud the outlook for business.

Science and Technology

Dr. Press and U.S. Science Policy

by Marsha Freeman

“I’m an advisor, not an advocate of science.”

Sending Third World Technology to the U.S.

Ibero-American Conference Meets

by R.D. Cedeno

Pledges to strengthen science and technology.

A University To Foster Development


France, in Africa, the Mideast

by Garance Phau

A common front for peace and economic progress.

Giscard Defines Foreign Policy

With a political map of French diplomacy.


Gardner, State Dept. Defend Red Brigades

Publication of U.S. report may provoke ambassador’s recall; coverage includes what the Perrone report said, and what the press and PCI are saying about it.