Volume 6, Number 10, March 13, 1979


This Week

Administration Goes for Confrontation over Mideast

by Mark Burdman

Carter Trip Seeks Axis vs U.S.S.R.

B.R.D. Parliament Debates NATO

France, B.R.D. on Terror Alert

LaRouche Speaks to Mexican Press


Giscard, López Summit

by Tim Rush

The EMS Turns to the Developing Sector.

The Model for North-South Deals

by Dolia Pettingell

Mexico’s Oil: Who Will Get It?

For Business, Carter’s Mexico Trip Netted Zero

by Alicia Fernandez

Milestones of EMS North-South Diplomacy

De Gaulle in Mexico: French Policy, Then As Now

The Documents of the Summit

Addresses by Giscard and Portillo and the text of the final communiqué.


EMS Pushes IMF Aside

by Susan Johnson

Coup de main against London’s austerity economics.

Questions and IMF Answers

U.S.: No Tokyo Dollar Credit

by Richard Katz

Trade blackmail aimed against development loans.

Credit Markets: Money Supply Measurement Skewed, So Is the Banks’ Arbitrage Policy

by Richard Freeman

Banking: Open Tension Between British Takeover Strategists and U.S. Authorities

by Kathy Burdman

Commodities: ‘Wartime’ Price Boom Loses Steam for Now

by Renée Sigerson

Foreign Exchange: Britain Takes Last Market Shot at EMS

by Kathy Burdman

Keeping Tabs on the Economist: French Nuclear Program Dead?

Gold: Market Shakeout Foreshadows Stabilization of the EMS

by Alice Shepard

Corporate Strategy: Japanese Communications Industry Maps Response to U.S. Market Demands

by Leif Johnson

Britain: Back to the Coal Age? North Sea Oil Hopes Fade

by Marla Minnicino

Administration Plans No Legislative Easing for East-West Trade

by Felice Gelman

World Trade Review

Gold and Dollar Price Charts


Schlesinger Gains IEA Energy Cut, Tells U.S. Oilmen To Slow Output

by William Engdahl

What Is the IEA?

U.S. Report

What’s Happening In Congress

New feature keeps you up-to-date on capitol hill activity. This Week: GATT, Stevenson’s trade proposals, the Energy Department budget, and criminal code reform.

House Panel Suppresses Mitchell Fraud Evidence

Labor Periscope

A long and unnecessary battle for United Steelworkers’ certification as the bargaining unit in Newport News, Virginia – LaRouche Rep Addresses IBT Illinois Local.


China’s Economy: More Signs of Trouble

by Daniel Sneider

The War in Indochina: Withdrawal or Blitzkrieg?

by Peter Rush

Soviet Sector

Brezhnev Hits China War Threat

by Rachel Berthoff

Offers west cooperation, pact against nuclear first strike.

Brezhnev: ‘The Task Is To Prevent War’

Plus statements by Kosygin and Italian Communist Party leader Berlinguer.

Soviet Perspective on Energy Development


IMF Policy in Africa

by Douglas DeGroot

Regional and tribal wars help the fund impose austerity; leading British spokesmen detail prospects for Africa.

What IMF Policies Do to African Development

by Peter Buck