Volume 6, Number 12, March 27, 1979


This Week

A June Deadline for Europe

The Week in Brief

Labor Periscope: Teamsters Prepare for National Strike

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Special Report

Haig in the Oval Office Again

by Kathy Stevens

Carter Administration already adopts Haig’s policies for fascism and war.

Zbig Colleague Sees Fascism Next in Europe

A Sharp Look at Alexander Haig’s Career

by Robert Cohen

Aspen’s Cleveland: What’s Up for NATO

A Candidacy Made in England

‘Front Men for Haig’

The Republican Party ‘Field’: Haig’s Stalking Horses

The Pittsburgh Connection

‘Close to Vance, Califano, Kraemer’

The General’s Domestic Program

Schlesinger is enacting it now.

Rostow: ‘Progressively Tighter Energy Rationing’

Aspen: Nuclear Industry Is Being Dumped

Haig Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Latin America

Kissinger-Haig Policy on Mexico Fed to Conservatives

by Mary Goldstein

The Council Talks About Itself

‘Mexico: A New Vietnam’


Fed Okays British Bank Buys

by David Goldman

A coverup for HongShang–but the fight is not over yet.

Blackmail Used To Push Through Takeovers

IMF Fuels High-Interest Rates in the United States

by Lydia Schulman

Governors Push for National Action on Export

by Richard Schulman and Anita Gallagher

Corporate Strategy: Businessmen Beware

by Leif Johnson

Commodities: Round Two

Gold: New Official Price?

by Alice Shepard

Keeping Tabs on the Economist: Whose follies?

British Go Begging to the EMS

by Marla Minnicino


The Battle over Energy

Producer-consumer plan counters London’s oil hoax.

What Is Shaping OPEC Pricing Policy?

by Judith Wyer

Mexico, EC, OPEC To Challenge Oil Hoax

by Tim Rush

Oil ‘Shortage’: A Numbers Game

by William Engdahl

A Case Study: The Oil Weapon vs. Japan

by Richard Katz

Two Futures for American Oil Industry

by Richard Freeman

Economic Survey

The Theory Behind Venezuela’s Development Plan

Part 2 of an exclusive interview with former Planning Minister Dr. Gumersindo Rodriguez.

U.S. Report

AFL-CIO Execs Back Kennedy’s Death Movement

by L. Wolfe

Congressional Calendar

by Donald Baier

Department of Natural Resources – Miller Tries Monetary Control – Stevenson Subcommittee Issues U.S. Export Policy – New Wheat Cartel Push Surfaces.

Middle East

Turkey: Test Case for the EMS

by Nancy Parsons

Britain Out To Topple Turkish Government


Who Is Otto von Habsburg?

Part 2 of an ELP exposé of what’s behind his Pan European Union.

World Trade

World Trade Review