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Volume 6, Number 13, April 3, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 13, April 3, 1979

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This Week

The Danger of Believing Lies  

The Week in Brief  


Did B.R.D. Bankers Resurrect London?  

by David Goldman

Backdown on EMS commitment to development lending.

German Economist Warns of Coup in Saudi Arabia  

Bankers Call for Energy Austerity  

International Credit: British Rig Markets To ‘Buy America Cheap’  

by Alice Roth

Foreign Exchange: Dollar Stability–At a Price  

Camp David Euphoria Hits Gold Price  

by Alice Roth

Commodities: U.S. Pushing Hard for Common Fund  

by Renée Sigerson

Credit in the U.S.: Calm before the Storm  

by Lydia Schulman

Bank of Italy Indictments: An Opportunity Not To Miss  

by Mary Sonnenblick

Corporate Strategy: International Battle in the Electronics Industry  

by Leif Johnson

Middle East

Worse Than Munich: Carter Declares: ‘Peace Is War’  

London’s Divide and Conquer Plan  

by Judith Wyer

‘Camp David Will Balkanize Mideast’  

‘Peace’ Pact Equals Massive Militarization  

Sadat for Sale – Sen. Helms: Mideast Accord a War Plot – “Islamic Pact”--on the Soviet Border – The Price of Peace for Israel, Egypt.

The METO Strategy: Turn From Geneva  

by Mary Jane Coates

World Reaction: Camp David Could Lead To World War III  

The Camp David Treaty: What It Really Says  

by Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Report

Small Boys in a Big Playpen  

Inept GOP contenders disgrace the party of Lincoln.

Psywar Needed for Haig To Win–Terror Expert  

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Hauser: Connally Can Knock Out Reagan  

Congressional Calendar  

by Donald Baier


If The Teamsters Strike, Blame Alfred Kahn  

“Teamsters Are Our No. 1 Enemy.”

Labor Periscope: Teamsters Brace for Strike, Weigh Options  

Military Strategy

Soviets Answer NATO Strategists  

Encirclement, Counter Force Will Lead to War – “Limited nuclear war” is first strike plot, warns Soviet Major-General Simon Yan, while Novosti accuses NATO of rehearsing for nuclear war.


The UDF Program—A Plan for Global Economic Growth  

by Dana Sloan

The UDF Program for Europe  

How the EMS can break with the IMF strategy.

Economic Survey

World Steel Industry in Crisis  

by Lydia Schulman

Part I: Cartelizers implement “rationalization” of world steel.

The Davignon Plan for Europe’s Steel  

French Foes of the EMS Advise United States Steelmakers  

Steel and the 1979 Oil Hoax  


The UAW vs. the NCLC  

by Felice Gelman

Appeal raises key questions of legal ethics.

Brief for Plaintiffs-Appellants  

Facts Behind Terrorism  

by Robert Kay

Omega-7 Bombings: Signal for Post-Camp David Terror Wave – “Don’t Rule Out Sadat Assassination.”

World Trade Review  

Gold and Dollar Price Charts  

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