Volume 6, Number 14, April 10, 1979


This Week

Part of the Conditioning for War

Bhutto: ‘A Life for the Liberation of Mankind’

The Week in Brief


Ghosts of Schacht and Keynes

by David Goldman

British, Schlesinger carry out global contraction of production.

London Seeks Merger with U.S. Banking

by Kathy Burdman

Will Tight Euromarkets Squeeze Out Third World Borrowers?

by Alice Roth

Domestic Credit: High Interest Rates Scoop Away Banks’ Business

by Lydia Schulman

Tories, Labour Agree; War Is Our Growth Industry

by Kevin Coogan

Divest Oil, Push Coal: Following Ashland’s Lead

by Leif Johnson

Gold Bullion Price Still Rock-Hard

by Alice Roth

U.S. Administration Revives ‘Food Weapon’

by Susan Cohen

Central Bank Dollar Sales Twist Credit Markets

by Susan Johnson

British Opt For War Production To Boost Sagging Economy

by Marla Minnicino

U.S. Report

Schlesinger’s Plot To Shut Down the U.S. Economy

by Nancy Spannaus

I. The Nuclear Hoax

by William Engdahl

II. The Oil Hoax

by Judith Wyer and Richard Freeman

III. Transportation Sabotage

by Lonnie Wolfe

IV. The Plan for Crisis Management

by Jeffrey Steinberg


NATO Makes IMF a Strategic Issue

by Vivian Zoakos

Europe is told to subordinate the EMS–or else.

German Bankers Bow to the IMF

by Peter Buck

Energy Battle Lines Drawn in B.R.D.

by James Cleary

“Ending Nuclear Power Means Slave Labor.”

French Nuclear Plan Unaffected, But ...

by Dana Sloan

Le Figaro: Nuclear Foes Are “Buffoons.”

Britain Eyes EMS as an Austerity Instrument

by Marla Minnicino

Jenkins Tries To Shoehorn Britain into the EMS.

Middle East

Israel To Move into Saudi Arabia

by Robert Dreyfuss

Report U.S. trains terrorists to attack oil fields – “Saudis Must Feel Israeli Threat.”


China Scraps Heavy Industry Bid, Shifts to Light Industry Exports

by Peter Rush

Latin America

Colombia Drug Battle Boils Over

by Cynthia Rush and Sixto Mendez

Includes reports on methods available to stop the flow of drugs and, in their own words, why Colombia’s financiers want legalized marijuana, and why Columbian Communists are against it.


Who is Otto von Habsburg?

Part 3 of an exposé of what’s behind his Pan European Union.


‘Dissidents’: The Union’s Side of the Story

IBT official Lawrence McHenry says Camarata would destroy the union.


Energy: Arden House Plotters Claim Mexico Has No Oil

by Tim Rush

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Antinuclear Crisis Mongering Strikes Congress – Enter Ted Kennedy – A Voice of Sanity – Fight On Over Carter’s Alaskan Land Grab – Balanced Budget in the Pipeline?

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe

Winpisinger Stumps for Ted Kennedy – A Fog in the Steel Union.

Facts Behind Terrorism: Nuclear Terrorism Back on the Agenda?

World Trade Review