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Volume 6, Number 15, April 17, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 15, April 17, 1979

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This Week

SAC Maneuvers Blackmail Europe  

The Week in Brief  


The London Bubble  

by David Goldman

South Korea Challenges the U.S  

Credit Squeeze Plus Inventory Pileup Equals Disaster  

by Richard Freeman

Screws Turned on Bonds and Euroloans  

by Alice Roth

Behind the Banking Shakeup in West Germany  

by Renée Sigerson

Foreign Exchange: At Issue Are Dollar-Fundamentals  

by Susan Johnson

Britain: Tory Manifesto: Industrial Fire Sale  

by Marla Minnicino

Trade: U.S. Electronics Want CoCom Beef-Up  

by Katherine Ransohoff

Gold: Bullion Price Finally Dips  

by Alice Roth

Corporate Strategy: After Harrisburg: Utilities Pressed To Lie Low  

by Leif Johnson

Commodities: Bonn Raw Materials Compromise  


The IMF Way to World War III  

by Robert Dreyfuss

No technology for the Third World, says Secretary of State Vance.

Vance: the IMF’s Policy Must Prevail  

Soviets Rebut U.S. Third World Policy  

The IMF’s Holocaust in Africa  

by Christopher White

NATO Plans End to Third World Sovereignty  

Belgian-Habsburg Control of Zaire  

by Douglas DeGroot

Latin America

‘Energy for Growth’: Mexico’s President Puts Daring New Plan before UN  

by Timothy Rush

Chronicle of López Portillo’s Diplomacy  

Economic Survey

Latin Economies Under Siege  

by Timothy Rush

Free enterprise “cures” savage industry, living standards.

Mont Pelerin Society in Latin America  

New Regime To Halt Brazilian Growth  

by Mark Sonnenblick

The Truth on Chile’s ‘Economic Miracle’  

by Mark Sonnenblick

Argentina: World’s Highest Inflation  

by Dolia Estévez-Pettingell

Martínez de Hoz: Wearing an Eton Collar  


After Bhutto: ‘Arc of Crisis’ in S. Asia  

by Daniel Sneider

1. The Plot against Afghanistan  

The World Reacts to Bhutto’s Death  

2. Iran: A New Reign of Terror  

Z.A. Bhutto: Nation Builder  

by Daniel Sneider

Bhutto Tells Why Kissinger Killed Him  

U.S. Report

Confrontation Gains Steam  

Carter’s SALT Push Part of ‘Arc of Crisis’ Policy


Three Mile Island: A Dry Run for Crisis-Management News Control  

by Vin Berg

Soviets: Western Press Coverage Antinuclear  

Special Report

LaRouche Campaign Cracks Censored U.S. Media  

by Anita Gallagher

Candidate assails Carter war policies on television and in press ads.

‘A Last-Minute Call for Sanity’  

A sample of LaRouche’s media drive


‘Dissidents’: The Union’s Side of the Story  

IBT official Lawrence McHenry says Camaratta would destroy the union.


Congressional Calendar  

by Donald Baier and Barbara Dreyfuss

Labor Periscope: Teamsters Face Continued Austerity Fight  

Facts Behind Terrorism: Europe Coordinating in Effective Counterterror Drive  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

World Trade Review  

Gold and Dollar Price Chart  

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