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Volume 6, Number 16, April 24, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 15, April 24, 1979

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This Week

The Henry Kissinger Question  

The Week in Brief  


New GATT Treaty Initialed  

by Richard Schulman

Antidirigist measures prompt Third World boycott – C. Fred Bergsten on GATT.

Brascan Bids for Woolworths  

by Peter Wyer and Leif Johnson

Interest Rates Tightened in Europe and Japan  

by Alice Roth

Miller Holds Back on New Credit Tightening  

by Lydia Schulman

Dollar, Sterling Get Brass Knuckles Treatment  

by Susan Johnson

Treasury Reverses Policy on Gold Sales  

by Alice Roth

British To Close Europe’s Only Integrated Iron, Steel, and Tube-Making Plant  

by Marla Minnicino

Kahn Puts U.S. Metals Producers in Inflationary Price Rise  

by Renée Sigerson

Fed Approval of British Bank Takeovers Challenged in Court  

by Kathy Burdman

Revive the Policies of Friedrich List, American System Fighter  

by Kathy Stevens


Bilderberg Cult Plots Oil War  

EIR publishes scheduled attendance at Austrian gathering.

Special Report

Israel: Model Nazi War Economy  

by Max Sawicky

With the Nile Secured, March to Euphrates Begins  

Prostitution Thrives in Schachtian Israel  


Brandt Crony Organizes Against Schmidt, Wehner  

And reinterprets German policy.

Karamanlis Maps His Country’s Future Role  

by Erini Levedi

Greece seeks to bridge Europe and the Arab world.

Economic Survey

‘Free Enterprise’ Threatens French Economy  

by Alain Lemal

With EMS on the back burner.


‘The Energy War Has Begun’  

by Susan Johnson

Review of La Guerre de l’énergie est commencée by Lionel Taccoen.

Soviet Sector

Soviet Scientist Condemns the Harrisburg Nuclear Scare  

U.S. Report

LaRouche or Fascism  

by Anne-Marie Sawicky

Labor Party leader only candidate opposing Carter reorganization – Masons’ Leader Endorses LaRouche for President.

Reorganization: Behind-the-Scenes Coup  

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Latin America

Mexico: Carter Administration Regroups for Attack  

by Tim Rush

‘An Iran on U.S.’s Southern Border’  


After the IBT Contract–What Next?  


Congressional Calendar  

by Donald Baier and Barbara Dreyfuss

Opposition Mounts to Department of Natural Resources – Agricultural Development Hangs in the Balance – Ribicoff-Javits Terrorism Bill Revived – Fed Membership Bill Killed Through Compromise?

Energy: New Plan Prepared To Break U.S.-Saudi Oil Link  

by Judith Wyer

Facts Behind Terrorism: Nuclear Terrorism Scenario Is ‘Live’  

World Trade Review  

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