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Volume 6, Number 17, May 1, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 17, May 1, 1979

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This Week

A grain of SALT  

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief  


A World SDR Standard?  

by Kathy Burdman

May 6 BIS meet to map restructuring of Eurodollar market.

ABA Talks About U.S. Credit Plans  

Fear Wartime Credit Controls in the U.S.  

by Lydia Schulman

USLP Suit To Halt Bank Takeovers Polarizes U.S. Banking Community  

by Kathy Burdman

Buba Applies ‘Controlled Disintegration’ to Euromarket  

by Alice Roth

Cambridge Cultists Push Trade War  

by Steve Parsons

Will Ford Bow to Pressure to Reorient to Defense Production?  

by Leif Johnson and Garance Phau

All Systems Go for Gold Price Take-Off  

by Alice Roth

Foreign Exchange: Sterling Takes Tumble  

by Richard Freeman

Britain Loses Out to Ireland in Bid for U.S. Investment  

by Marla Minnicino

Special Report

Economics Becomes a Science  

by Uwe Parpart and Steven Bardwell

Lyndon LaRouche’s Riemannian economic model—Part 2.


Italians Use a New Method Against Terror  

by Vivian Zoakos

The British Hand Behind World Terror  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Includes excerpts from an article in the Italian Communist Party daily L’Unita titled “Padua: A Different Terrorism To Conceal the Heart of the Red Brigades?”

Terrorism and the Coming Dark Ages  

Radical Professors Jailed in Italy  

by Mary Sonnenblick

Who Is Antonio Negri?  

by R.D. Cedeno


Japan To Remilitarize?  

by Peter Ennis

Kissinger’s Washington-Tokyo-Peking axis becoming reality.

Korea: Wild Card in the China Deck  

Kissinger: Militarized Japan Can Counter U.S.S.R.  

Why Is India’s Foreign Minister Visiting The U.S.... Again?  

by Paul Zykofsky

A report from our special correspondent in New Delhi, India.


Documents Implicate Kissinger  

State Department papers defame LaRouche, NSIPS.

Declassification of Bonn Scandal  

Soviet Sector

Advance Science and Technology–Soviets’ Bottom Line on SALT  

by Rachel Berthoff

U.S. Report

Haig Hails Chinese at AP Lunch  

by Kathleen Murphy


‘Nuclear Power Is Here To Stay’  

Energy Taxpayers Assoc. fights environmentalist suit.


Building Trades Cheer Ted Kennedy  

Building Trades Leader Demands Wage and Price Controls – Moynihan Rallies Labor Against Congress – Kennedy Courts Building Trades.


Congressional Calendar  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Richard Schulman

Administration Trade Bill First Step to Trade War – Udall Plans Hearings on Future of Nuclear Industry – Kennedy in Trouble in Senate Fight on “Illinois Brick Bill” – Carter Urges Congress To Pass Institute for “Appropriate Technology” – Health Care Under the Knife.

Labor Periscope  

Steelhaulers Continue Strike – USWA Ends Newport News Strike – Sadlowskiites in Steel Union Attack Atomic Power.

Energy: Commission To Investigate Three Mile Island Sabotage  

by William Engdahl

Facts Behind Terrorism: Europe Tightens Noose on Terrorists; Will U.S. Do the Same?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

World Trade Review  

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