Volume 6, Number 19, May 15, 1979


This Week

The Monarchy Moves In

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


The ‘Collective Self-Reliance’ Setup

by Susan Cohen

HongShang Fight at Center of World Banking Stage

by Kathy Burdman

Foreign Exchange: A New Sterling Bloc?

by David Goldman

Domestic Credit: Traditionalists Pulled Into ‘Regulatory Reform’ Game Plan

by Susan Johnson

Ye Olde Gold Reserve Standard

by Kathy Burdman

The Forces Behind the New York Insurance Exchange

by Leif Johnson

Shutdown of World Credit the ‘Final Solution’ to Inflation

by Susan Johnson

Trade: Computer Deal Foreshadowed Giscard-Brezhnev Pact

by Katherine Ransohoff

Alexander Hamilton and Solving the Problems of Debt and Credit

by Barbara Gould


Who Are the Environmentalists

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Truth about James Rodney Schlesinger

by William Engdahl

What the CFR and the Environmentalist Mob Have in Common

by Stuart Pettingell


A-Power Plant Shutdowns in the U.S.

by Marsha Freeman

NRC “safety” measures jeopardize national energy grid.


Britain Dons the Imperial Mantle Again

by Marla Minnicino

Thatcher’s Cabinet: A Page from Burke’s Peerage – The World Reacts to the “Iron Lady.”

Giscard, Schmidt Renew Drive for Peace

by Kathy Stevens

Middle East

What’s Up in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh confronts United States with new policy stance.


‘Don’t Send Our Lads to Britain’

A defense of higher education, R&D in India, the Third World.


Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Emergency Gas Rationing Passes Senate – Anti-Nuclear Legislation Proliferates – Congressman Pursues Synthetic Fuels Production on National Security Grounds – Battle Rages for Alaskan Lands – Corporations Under Fire from Metzenbaum.

Facts Behind Terrorism: ‘PLO’ Terrorist Activation Exposed as Mossad Hoax

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Labor Periscope

Trade Unionists Angered by Antinuclear Demonstration – Rubber Workers Strike UniRoyal, Blame Carter’s Guidelines.

Energy: House Rejects Rationing

by William Engdahl

World Trade Review

U.S. Report

A Conspiracy of Morons: The CFR Project 1980s

by Criton Zoakos

Special Report

Global Resources Blackmail

by Tim Rush

Exclusive: proponents reveal the secret of the “hemispheric oil reserve.”

What Is the Western Hemisphere Energy Workshop?

Workshop ‘Maestro’ Talks With Executive Intelligence Review

Tehuantepec Superports: A Runaway Shop – Stopping “Inconvenient” Energy Development – Mitre Corp: Establish a “Strategic Relationship.”

Latin SDR Bloc To Complement Reserve Plan?

by Valerie Rush

Latin America

López Portillo: Winning Labor to a Long-Term Industrialization Policy

by Mary Goldstein


A Controlled Press

by Fay Sober

The Real Alexander Haig.