Volume 6, Number 23, June 12, 1979


This Week

Parson Malthus Goes to Tokyo

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


End to Dollar Reflow Means Interest Rates Have Not Peaked

by Lydia Schulman

OPEC-Third World Split Touted in UNCTAD’s Wake

by Susan Cohen

Trade: Comecon Takes Major Initiatives

by Richard Schulman

International Credit: Behind the Eurocontrol Push: Who Will Get the ‘Big Potato’?

by Susan Johnson

EMS Currency Realignment: France Bolstered or Grid Dismantled

Gold Conforms to Dresdner’s Prediction

by Alice Roth

Coal Policy Furor Starts Resource Policy Debate

by Renée Sigerson

Agriculture: National Grain Board Bill Presses Cartel Plan

by Susan Cohen

Banking: Albany Fight Continues on HongShang Takeover

by Kathy Burdman

Britain: A Gloomy Assessment

by Marla Minnicino


Europe Attacks the Oil Speculators

by Garance Phau

Tells Carter: the choice is energy development or war.

Kennedy, Schlesinger Push Speculative Subsidies

What the Europeans Are Saying

Speculation Must Be Fought–François-Poncet

Schlesinger: ‘A Neo-Malthusian Model’

Cost of Speculation: Don’t Be Fooled by Forecasters

Oil Hoax: How It Could Get Worse

Oil Hoax—The Consequences Could Be Economic Collapse – An Israeli-Backed Coup in Iran? – Peregrine Worsthorne on Gunboat Diplomacy in the Middle East.

Special Report

Britain Turns Fascist

by Marla Minnicino

New Tory government has plans to gut British industry.

Britain under Thatcher

by Christopher R. White

Latin America

Carter in Covert Support for Somoza

by Gretchen Small

U.S. gunboat diplomacy toward Nicaragua backs IMF policy in Central America – U.S. Military Involvement in Nicaragua Detailed – Carter Administration Denies U.S. Role – The Central American Defense Council.

The Power Behind Anastasio Somoza

by Mary Goldstein


Fraud Mars the Italian Elections

by Vivian Zoakos

European Labor Party demands results be overturned, warns of chaos.

The PSI-Italy’s Party of Terrorism

by Mary Sonnenblick

Der Spiegel’s Boomerang

Days before European Parliament election, B.R.D. weekly reacts to ELP campaign.

Der Spiegel Has Lost Its Nerve

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Middle East

Will Turkey Get the ‘Iran treatment’?

by Nancy Parsons

NATO, IMF already mounting a ‘dump Ecevit’ drive – Turkey Nixes U-2 Spy Replay.

Soviets Issue $4 Billion in Development Aid to Turkey

Ecevit: ‘Foreign Influence’ Behind Terror

U.S. Report

The Unraveling of Jimmy Carter

by Konstantin George

Cartergate threatens to split Democratic Party, GOP, opens way for LaRouche.

Frank Church: the Product of ‘Outsiders’

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Senator Church a Security Risk?

CFR’s Ullman, Gwin Hold Forth on Project 1980


Labor Periscope: LaRouche Candidacy Spurs Debate in Labor

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Liberals Call for Energy Purchasing Agency – Congress in Wonderland – International Trade Legislation Proliferates – Monetary Control Bill Back On Line – Will the Breeder Make It Through Congress? – Public Financing Bill Defeated in Committee.

The American System: Abraham Lincoln: ‘Labor Is Prior to Capital’

Facts Behind Terrorism: FALN Jailbreak a Warning

by Jeffrey Steinberg

World Trade Review