Volume 6, Number 25, June 26, 1979


This Week

Energy War Is On

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


OECD, Blumenthal Demands ‘Sacrifice’

But Europe may cofinance petrodollar credits for Third World instead.

Remedy Offered for Dollar Slide: Recession

by Susan Johnson

Trade: Europeans Bypass Multis in Quest of Oil

by Richard Schulman

A ‘Wheat Hoax’ Next?

by Susan Cohen

U.S. Land Policy Fight May Be Oil Multis Boon

by Renée Sigerson

A Pro-Gold Policy for the U.S.?

by Alice Roth

Britain Clamps Lid of Secrecy on Economic Bad News

by Marla Minnicino

Financial Times Maps Fire Sale of U.S. Banking System

by Kathy Burdman

Economic Survey

Deregulation: The Road to Transport Chaos

Dereg Will ‘Balkanize’ U.S.–Former ICC Members

LaRouche Model Shows Dereg Effects

Special Report

Rotterdam Swindle Key to Tokyo Summit

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Oil Swindle Triggers World Depression.

France Is Out To Shut Down Rotterdam

by Garance Phau

Giscard: “Peace-Oriented World Organizations Must Be Created” – Miki: “Japan Should Act More Positively” on Energy Question.

Italy: Direct Oil Deals Prompt Multis Blackmail

by Mary Sonnenblick

Germany: Parties Mobilize for Nuclear Energy

by James Cleary

Middle East

U.S., London Plan Invasion of Persian Gulf

by Judith Wyer

U.S. Designs Military Strike Force Plan – Britain Harks Back to Colonial Days – Iran Charges Iraqi-Shah Conspiracy – Same Game, Different Players -- Iraq.

Turkey Bows to the IMF

by Nancy Parsons


Genocide in Kampuchea

Latin America

U.S. Defends Latin Crime Networks

by Valerie Rush and Gretchen Small

State Department seeks to save Somoza’s National Guard for United Brands.

State Department Attempts To Bar Antidrug Leader from U.S.

by Cynthia Rush

Church-State Relations Take a Nosedive in Mexico

by Timothy Rush


Ethics Are Challenged

by Felice Merritt

UAW’s attorneys bow out of trademark suit vs. National Caucus of Labor Committees.


Teamsters Committee Calls for Debate on U.S. Presidential Qualifications

by L. Wolfe and Scott Elliott

LaRouche to Fitzsimmons

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

“Mini” Davis-Bacon Repeals Afoot on Hill – Synthetic Fuels Push Picks Up Steam – Carter Backs Solar Energy Plan – Low-Wage Youth Jobs Bill in the Hopper.

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Truckers’ Strike Triggers “Crisis Management” Scenario – Rubber Workers Accord Exceeds Carter Guidelines.

Energy Insider

by Bill Engdahl and Mary Gilbertson

Northeast Energy Hoax Is Going To Get Worse – NRC Names Environmentalist to Inquiry Commission on Three Mile Island.

Facts Behind Terrorism

by Michele Steinberg

U.S. Negri Supporters Attempt To Block Moro Murder Probe – Government Funds Armed Camps; Race Riots Heat Up.

World Trade Review