Volume 6, Number 26, July 3, 1979


This Week

Third World Fund Is Urgent

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


EMS Dollar Policy Put to the Test

by Susan Johnson

British: Hand OPEC’s ‘Big Potato’ to IMF

by Alice Roth

HongShang Opts Out of New York

by Kathy Burdman

Domestic Credit: T-Bill Forwards Show Market Deregulation

by Lydia Schulman

Chevron Platinum Project: Test Case for Cartelization

by Renée Sigerson

U.S. Trade Picture Gets Worse

by Richard Schulman

Deregulation Has Already Crimped

by Leif Johnson

How the U.S. Went Off the Gold Standard

by Alice Roth


Tokyo Summit: A War over Energy?

by Vivian Zoakos

Energy Policy: What They Are Saying

Europe, Soviets Concur on Détente, A-Power

Giscard Hits Carter on Relations with Soviets.

Economic Survey

What the IMF Program Will Do to World Economy

LaRouche model quantifies the effect of London’s oil hoax on world production.

U.S. Report

Crisis Government Prepared for U.S.

by Kathy Stevens

Energy hoax, trucker strike the pretext to implement FEMA emergency measures.

Oil Hoax Is Run by London Policy Group

by William Engdahl

Truckers Strike To Trigger Crisis Plan

Latin America

U.S. Moves Toward Nicaragua Invasion

by Gretchen Small

Carter, from Tokyo, confirms intervention is administration policy.

United Brands: Drug Runners Behind Somoza

by Scott Thompson and Chris Curtis

Middle East

Muslim Brotherhood Targets Syria

by Nancy Parsons

Iran-Israel-Egypt axis promotes turmoil in Arab world.

Iran: The Brotherhood’s Mideast Command Center

British Promote Syrian Strife


Taiwan’s Economic Success Strategy

by Peter Rush

Exclusive interview with Economics Minister K.S. Chang.

Corporate Profile

Trans World Casinos?

by Leif Johnson

Bout with Dillon, Read puts TWA’s future as an airline in jeopardy.


Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Commission Report Calls For Deregulation of Synthetic Fuels – Trucking, Labor Groups Blast ICC Nominees – Senator Blasts Rotterdam.

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe and Molly Kronberg

IBT’s Fitzsimmons Slams Dereg – IAM’s Wimpy: “I’m Gonna Bust OPEC” – AFL Energy Adviser Describes Her “Zionist Politics.”

Energy Insider: Multis Prepare Round Two of Oil Blackmail Against Direct OPEC Sales

by Judith Wyer

Facts Behind Terrorism: Italy’s Socialist Party Is Linked To Terrorist Red Brigades

by Michele Steinberg

World Trade Review