Volume 6, Number 27, July 10, 1979


This Week

From Tokyo to Sarajevo

by Donald Baier

The Week in Brief


A Sterling Proposal ... and Why It Will Not Work

by Kathy Burdman

Dollar Rescue Policy in the Balance

by Susan Johnson

Credit and Synthetic Fuels

by David Goldman

British Oil Customers Get the Shaft in the Aftermath of Tokyo

by Marla Minnicino

White House, GAO Revive Kissinger’s Food Weapon

by Susan Cohen

Administration Lies on China Trade Pact

by Richard Schulman

Uranium Development Accelerates in U.S.

by Renée Sigerson

London Starts the Gold Rush, 1959-60

by Alice Roth

How the dollar-gold link was severed, part II.


Time’s Up for Terrorists

by Vivian Zoakos

Question Socialist Party leaders in Moro murder.

The Significance of the Crackdown on Terrorism

by Paul Goldstein

La Repubblica Reacts to Terrorist Roundup

U.S. Terrorist Backers Scramble To Free Negri

by Ian Levit

‘Neoplatonic Method Against Terrorism’

The PSI: Italy’s Party of Terrorism

by Mary Sonnenblick


Tokyo Summit Adopts New World Depression

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Final Communiqué of the Tokyo Economic Summit

Le Figaro: ‘We Are on the Brink of World War III’ – Andreotti: The Alternatives Are Coal and Nuclear

OPEC Meeting Stresses Trialogue, Third World Development

by Judith Wyer

Middle East

Israel Aims War Machine at OPEC

by Mark Burdman

Begin threatens to hit Palestinians “at any moment and at any place we choose.”

The Ayatollah Khomeini Is a Savak Agent

by Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Report

Congress Stampedes To Okay Government by Crisis Management

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Campaign 1980: Alexander Haig Is Off and Running

by Kathleen Murphy

Economic Survey

The Impact of the $100 Billion EMS Investment Program

Part II of the EIR’s survey of energy and the world economy.


FEF Amicus Brief Explodes Schlesinger’s H-Bomb Hoax

by Edward Spannaus

Latin America

Colombian Agrarian Leader Tours U.S.

by Cynthia Rush

Fausto Charris Calls for international antidrug coalition, Third World growth.

U.S. Rearms Somoza

by Gretchen Small

Weapons pour in to rescue Somoza’s National Guard.


Congressional Calendar

by J. Pierce and Susan Kokinda

Congress Pushing Synthetic Fuels – Administration Coordinating Youth Labor Legislation – Youth Impressment Legislation Under Consideration – Jobs Program Outside Minimum Wage Guidelines Pending – Comprehensive Employment Training Act To Be Revamped.

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Truck Strike Fizzles, But Fuse Remains Lit – An Ode to the Dark Ages.

Energy Insider: Schlesinger Allocation Plan Cuts Fuel to Oil Rigs

by William Engdahl

Facts Behind Terrorism: Was Terrorist Attack on General Haig a Hoax?

World Trade Review