Volume 6, Number 28, July 17, 1979


This Week

America Must Go Nuclear Now

The Week in Brief


Two Financial Zones

by David Goldman

The Anglo-American sphere has run out of options – “Let’s Jack the Other Prices Up.”

London’s Call To Dampen Sterling a Cover for Overseas Investment

by Susan Johnson

Lead Industry: U.S. Buyers Driven Out of the World Markets

by Renée Sigerson

Schlumberger: An Energy Monopoly That Deserves Closer Federal Scrutiny

by Leif Johnson

Tory Economics: Jobs, Services to ‘Useless Eaters’ Scrapped

by Marla Minnicino

Domestic Credit: Interest Rates Play Second Fiddle

by Lydia Schulman

Produce Shippers Clobbered By Rail Deregulation

by Leif Johnson

Senate Committee Eyes Trade Department War

by Richard Schulman

Bank of England Says: Bank Takeovers Aimed at U.S. Credit Control

by Kathy Burdman

De Gaulle’s Fight Against ‘Paper Gold’

by Alice Roth

How the dollar-gold link was severed, Part III.


Nuclear Plants for Export

by Rachel Douglas

Soviets mass produce power plants.

Atommash: Assembly Line Nuclear Plants

by Marsha Freeman

CMEA resolves to expand nuclear plants 15 fold by 1990

by Rachel Douglas

Soviet Premier Kosygin: ‘Atomic Power Is Foremost’

U.S. Report

Behind the Camp David Chaos

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Paul Arnest

Nation rejects Carter’s energy austerity – Camp David: Who Was There – Press Fuels Aura of Crisis Around Summit.

Haig and Kennedy: Too Far Too Soon

by Carolyn Pollock

Congressional Reactions to Carter Energy Summit – Javits Aide: Economy Is Headed for Collapse — The Eizenstat Memorandum.

National Antidrug Coalition Support Grows

by Anita Gallagher

NAACP Spokeswoman Calls Antidrug Fight Essential – Colombia’s Charris: U.S. Muslims Back Antidrug Fight.


Europe Organizes for Development

by Kathy Stevens

Producer-consumer dialogue, Third World fund key to global entente – Carlo Sarchi: A New International Institution Needed for Development – Franco-Iraqi Communiqué: An Alliance for Mideast Peace – “The Impossible Crusade.”


Jerusalem Launches Terrorists Against U.S.A.

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche: fake attack on Haig part of plan to prepare for crisis government.

Anatomy of a U.S. Terrorist Cell in Formation

by Jeffrey Steinberg


Carter Plays ‘China Card’ in S. Korea

by Peter Ennis

Pressures Seoul to resolve dispute with North to secure anti-Soviet alliance.

Latin America

Mexico Snarls U.S. Nicaragua Plans

by Chris Curtis

Communiqué rejects U.S. policy of “Somocismo” without Somoza.


Luciano Lama Talks about Terrorism

by Vivian Zoakos

An exclusive interview with the head of Italy’s largest trade union body.


Congressional Calendar

by Susan Kokinda and J. Pierce

SALT, Energy Top Congressional Agenda – Wage-Price Control Push Behind White House-Congressional Task Force on Inflation – Tsongas Plans Bill for Mandatory National Youth Service – Electoral College Safe.

Labor Periscope: Taking a Walk around Davis-Bacon

by L. Wolfe and M. Moriarty

Energy Insider: Latin America Backs Mexico’s Call for Universal Dialogue on Energy

Facts Behind Terrorism: Jerusalem Conference Plots International Terrorist Bloodbath

by Jeffrey Steinberg

World Trade Review