Volume 6, Number 30, July 31, 1979


This Week

Nicaragua: Crimes of the IMF

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Salvage Rights for the Dollar?

by David Goldman

Dresdner Moots New Global Gold Standard

by Alice Roth

Domestic Credit: Who Is Triggering a U.S. Downturn?

by Lydia Schulman

Banking: Behind Proxmire’s Takeover Bill

by Kathy Burdman

World Trade: Economic Warfare Bills Move Through Congress

by Richard Schulman

The NATO Push in Electronics

by Leif Johnson

Paul Volcker Is a Thug

by Susan Cohen

Behind the Fed nominee’s pro-dollar pose.

U.S. Report

British Hands on the White House

by Konstantin George

The Haig Transition Team

As Britain Predicted ...

The Royal Institute of International Affairs Assesses Carter’s Presidency – Ditchley: “U.S. Power on the Wane.”

... So the Press Disposes

The British Press Comments – The U.S. Press Takes Aim at Carter.

Haig Men Gloat: Carter’s Through

Who’s To Gain from White House Crisis – “Haig’s The Man To Run the Country.”

LaRouche Campaign: An American Alternative

by Vin Berg


The Crisis in India

by Daniel Sneider and Leela Narayan

India’s Foreign Policy: Staunchly Nonaligned

World’s Tenth Largest Industrial Economy

by Paul Zykofsky

Janata ruralization policies threaten industrial legacy of Nehru – India Emphasizes R&D for Energy Production – ECIL: From Nuclear Energy to Advanced Electronics – Indian Businessmen Begin To Speak Out.

Crisis Threatens India’s Independence

Mrs. Gandhi speaks with Executive Intelligence Review.

Military Strategy

Redefining the SALT Debate

The American System approach versus the British approach.

Gromyko Warns Amendments Will Kill SALT Treaty

Middle East

The Ayatollah Drops His Mask

Iran to join Israel-Egypt pact for a Middle East Treaty Organization.

Special Report

Arabs Target London for Mideast Terror, Destabilization

by Robert Dreyfuss

Bernard Lewis: ‘Arabs Stupid Enough To Believe Qabas’

Al Qabas Fingers Lewis, Bilderberg for Terrorism

Arabs Growing Wary of Aspen Institute

Britain’s ‘8 Days’ Operation

by Nancy Parsons

“8 Days” Covers for the Bilderbergers.


Congressional Calendar

by Susan Kokinda, Barbara Dreyfuss and J. Pierce

Carter Energy Program Fading Fast on the Hill – Efforts To Kill Clinch River Breeder Underway – Export Administration Act Passes Congress – Carter Administration Proposes Beefed-Up Trade Department – Carter Nominees Railroaded Through Committees.

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe and Molly Kronberg

More Moves To Skirt Davis-Bacon – Labor Beware of Connally

Energy Insider

by Judith Wyer

OPEC Markets Rising Output on a Direct Sale Basis – Oil for Technology.

World Trade Review