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Volume 6, Number 31, August 7, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 31, August 7, 1979

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This Week

A de Gaulle for Iran?  

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief  


Volcker Shoving America Over the Recession Threshold  

by Lydia Schulman

USDA’s Energy Office: Dung and Gasohol  

by Cynthia Parsons and Susan Cohen

International Credit: Phase 2 of the EMS?  

by Alice Roth

Gold: London Can’t Torpedo the Bullion Price  

by Kathy Burdman and Susan Johnson

West German Trade Pickup Boots Domestic Investment  

by Richard Schulman

British Industry Gags on Tory Medicine  

by Marla Minnicino

The Vulnerabilities of the Pound Sterling  

by Susan Johnson

With Friends Like AIF, Nuclear Needs No Enemy  

by Leif Johnson

Atomic Industrial Forum Supports Nuclear Moratorium.

Special Report

How To Fill America’s Tank  

Riemannian analysis shows LaRouche’s energy program means economic boom.

Goals and Parameters of the Nuclear Program  

Research and Development for a Fusion Economy  

Hydrogen’s Role in a Nuclear-Powered Economy – The U.S. Commitment to Nuclear Power

What Is the Fusion Torch  

The President’s Impossible Program  

How the Alternate Energy Policies Stack Up  

The World Is Going Nuclear  


Africans Blast British at Lusaka Commonwealth Meeting  

by Douglas DeGroot

Pretoria’s Apartheid Changes Mean Genocide  

by David Cherry

U.S. Report

Hitting Hard on the Issues  

LaRouche tells Illinois antidrug dinner “we must fight to win.”

Press Sees a Winner ... or Fears a Winner  

Latin America

Who’s Getting Mexico’s Oil?  

by Timothy Rush

State-to-state negotiations put France in lead for share of huge oil reserve.

France, Mexico Agree On Oil for Technology  

by Mary Goldstein

Mexico-Japan Ties Hurt By Tokyo’s Slow Pace  

by Peter Ennis

U.S. Wages Energy War Against Mexico  

The Common Market: A 1980 Election Issue?  

by Timothy Rush

‘Modernization the Only Road for Mexico’  

Diaz Serrano: “Ixtoc Is Not a Catastrophe.”

The Truth About Ixtoc-I  

Nicaragua Rebuilds  

by Chris Curtis

But IMF demands shattered country adopt “austerity.”

What Somoza Did to Nicaragua  

by Gretchen Small


The Gangs – Who Benefits?  

by Fay Sober

Reporter Roy Harvey’s exposé of Ed Levi and the Blackstone Rangers.


Congressional Calendar  

by Susan Kokinda and Barbara Dreyfuss

Most of Carter Program Stalled – House Votes Standby Rationing – House Backs Breeder Program; McCormack Backs Fusion – Republicans Chart British Campaign.

Labor Periscope: Taking a Bull by the Horns  

by L. Wolfe

Facts Behind Terrorism: Counterterrorist Forces Close in on Italy’s PSI  

by Michele Steinberg

World Trade Review  

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