Volume 6, Number 37, September 25, 1979


This Week

Holocaust in Cambodia

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Gold: Fight over World Monetary System Splits Anglo-American Ranks

by Alice Roth

‘Commodity-Dollar’ Alternative to Gold

EMS Gets the Jump on the IMF

by Susan Johnson

Sterling in the Dumps

by Marla Minnicino

Morgan Retools Ted’s Economic Program

by Lydia Schulman

Clamp Steel Output, Conference Demands

by Richard Freeman and Helmut Böttiger

Marine Midland Misrepresents Takeover

by Richard Freeman

Making a Killing on Midwest Rail Woes

by Steve Parsons

Agricultural Research Cutbacks: Fiscal Lunacy

by Susan Cohen


NATO Near Split?

by Criton Zoakos

Report on the Kissinger-Haig fiasco in Europe.

CSIS: Prepare for a Tactical Nuclear War

Excerpts from Henry Kissinger’s and Alexander Haig’s speeches, plus the Economist.

IISS: A Limited War Is Lunacy

Excerpts from statements by McGeorge Bundy, Lord Mountbatten, and Theo Sommer.

Europe: The Third World Is the Issue

Excerpts from statements by Hans Apel and Le Monde.

Middle East

The Muslim Brotherhood and METO

Secret organization key to expansion of Camp David pact.

Iran: A Coup in the Islamic Council

by Judith Wyer

Kuwaiti Press Accuses Iran of Fronting for Camp David

The Network of the Muslim Brotherhood

by Robert Dreyfuss

‘Weizman Option’ for Israel

by Nancy Coker

‘The Battle Is Over Settlements Policy’

Economic Survey

20-Sector Analysis of the U.S. Economy

Riemannian model shows sharp decline in capital-intensive sectors.

U.S. Report

Is Kennedy a Viable Candidate?

by Barbara Dreyfuss

The Senator’s supporters back off from a confrontation on the issues.

Kennedy’s Seabrook Terrorism Connections

Third World

Why the Third World Listens to Fidel Castro

by Dennis Small

Under Cuba’s leadership, Nonaligned summit launches battle for development.

Nicaragua’s Marenco: We Are Building a Nation

Two ‘Revolutions’ Face Off at Summit

by Daniel Sneider

EIR’s Asia Editor Wins Bhutto Memorial Award

Latin America

López Portillo’s Report to Nation: Uncompromising Fight for ‘Modernization’

by Mary Goldstein


Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Energy Mobilization Board Meanders Through Congress – Gas Rationing Plan Agreed To – Senate Recommends Defense Budget Increase – Support for Paraquat Use? – Drug Crackdown Possible.

Labor Periscope

by L. Wolfe

New UAW-GM Pact a Feather in Fraser’s Political Cap – Some Labor for Kennedy.

Energy Extra

by Rachel Douglas

Soviet Drilling Technology Stirs Petroleum Exposition – Oil Officials on “Fact and Fantasy”.

Facts Behind Terrorism

by Mary Sonnenblick

“Twisting Slowly, in the Wind” – ELP Evidence Publicized.

World Trade Review