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Volume 6, Number 38, October 2, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 38, October 2, 1979

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This Week

Cyrus Vance and the ‘Big Lie’  

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief  


Foreign Exchange: The Shape of the New Monetary System  

by David Goldman

European-Arab Gold Deal in the Making  

by Alice Roth

Who Has the Gold? – Press Ponders Gold’s Emerging Monetary Role – Losers Weepers.

Domestic Credit: Fed Ignores Warnings on Interest Rates  

by Lydia Schulman

Transportation: Fuel Allocation Targets the Midwest  

by Stephen Parsons

Corporate Strategy: How Mr. Henry Crown Derailed the Rock Island  

by Stephen Parsons and Charles Leone

Trade: What’s Happened To U.S. Exports ... and What Hasn’t  

by Richard Schulman

International Credit: Dead Ducks and New Initiatives  

by Susan Johnson

Britain: Bank of England: Full Speed Down Hill  

by Marla Minnicino

Agriculture: Farm Credit: Overhaul Debated  

by Susan Cohen


Holocaust: Eyewitness Report on China and Kissinger’s Crimes against Cambodia  

I. Indian Journalist Tells of Horror  

Pol Pot’s Murder of 3 Million – Indira Gandhi Appeals for Aid to Kampuchea – Tuol Sleng: Graveyard of Kampuchean elite.

II. The Story of One Who Survived  

III. The Destruction of Phnom Penh  

The Chinese Connection  


IMF Will Be Dumped: France  

by Nancy Coker

UN the scene of battle over “conditionalities” policy.

France’s François-Poncet: EMS Will Replace IMF  

Jordan’s King Hussein: Peace Equals Development  

Secretary of State Vance: ‘Progress Not Inevitable’  

Britain’s Lord Carrington: Lament of an Oligarch  

U.S.S.R.’s Andrei Gromyko: ‘The Triumph of Reason’  


The Direction of French Policy  

The Tradition of Friedrich List  

French political economy from Jean Bodin to Charles Dupin–Part 1.

U.S. Report

NATO Admirals Send a Message to U.S.  

by M.B. Seidenfeld and Charles Tate

Orient to high-technology export policy.


Kennedy and Seabrook  

Ted clears the way for environmentalist violence.

LaRouche Says Nuclear Power Key 1980 Issue  


Despite Carter, No ‘Breakthrough’  

by Timothy Rush and Carlos de Hoyos

The truth about the U.S.-Mexico gas deal – Extended Negotiations: How Not To Buy Gas.

Economic Survey

Sudan’s Development Potential Faces IMF Destruction  

by Peter Buck

Special Report

Decriminalization: Kennedy Campaign Plank in 1980?  

by Valerie Rush

The Politics of the Paraquat Program  

by Martha Zoller

Third World Condemns Easing of Drug Laws  

Mexico’s War on Drugs  


Congressional Calendar  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Labor Periscope: Two Janes and Two Unions for Kennedy  

by L. Wolfe

Energy Extra: Saudis, Europe Move Against Oil Speculators  

by Judith Wyer

Facts Behind Terrorism: French ‘New Right’ Backs Italian ‘New Left’  

by Dana Sloan

World Trade Review  

Gold and Currency Price Charts  

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