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Volume 6, Number 39, October 9, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 39, October 9, 1979

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This Week

Carter, Cuba and the IMF  

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief  


A Dollar Recovery ... Without a Support Operation  

by David Goldman

Commodities: International Power Play in Metals  

by Renée Sigerson

U.S. Interest Rates? Look at Brazil...  

by Lydia Schulman

At the Farm Banks, Credit Is Tight  

by Susan Cohen

Cushman & Wakefield Brings Hong Kong to New Jersey  

by Lydia Schulman

A U.S.-Canadian Trade War Bloc  


The IMF meets in Belgrade: The Shape of the New Monetary System  

by Susan Johnson

Monory: EMS or Vertigo of Monetary Disorder  

Showdown at the Belgrade Corral  

Europe Plans New World Credit Terms  

by David Goldman

‘Gold Is Unstoppable’: Remonetization Ahead?  

by Alice Roth

Nicaragua Calls for Debt Moratorium  

by Gretchen Small

Special Report

‘A New Era ... or the End of All Eras’  

Mexico’s President López Portillo presents his energy proposal to the UN.

‘Oil Isn’t Sugar,’ Mexico Tells Latin Delegation  

A ‘Happy’ State Dept. To Undermine Proposal  


Oil Fever Hits the United States–A New North Sea Swindle?  

by Judith Wyer

Plenty of ‘Cheap’ Oil in the United States?  

Iran is the Trigger on the Oil Weapon  

Ford Foundation: Get Ready for High Prices  


China and the State Department Are Still Fighting the Vietnam War  

by Peter Ennis


The Direction of French Policy  

The Tradition of Friedrich List  

by Jacques Cheminade

French political economy from Jean Bodin to Charles Dupin–part 2.

U.S. Report

On the Scenes in New Hampshire  

by Kathy Stevens

Nuclear power is the issue of the nation’s first Presidential primary.

Economic Survey

Dismantling the Railroads  

by David Goldman and Steve Parsons

One way to make money at the expense of the U.S. economy.

U.S. Railroads: The Facts  

by Steve Parsons

How To Make $8 Billion off a Bankruptcy  

by Leif Johnson


Congressional Calendar  

Aid to Cambodia ... or Pol Pot? – Push Exports on Capitol Hill – Senate Refuses To Cut Breeder Funds ... Again – Carter’s Windfall Profits Plan Stripped Down By Senate Committee – Land Reclamation Act Passes Senate.

Facts Behind Terrorism: Permindex Assassination Networks ‘Alive and Well’  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Labor Periscope: Meany To Retire and Kirkland To Go for Austerity  

by L. Wolfe

World Trade Review  

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