Volume 6, Number 40, October 16, 1979


This Week

The Dollar and the Presidency

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


International Credit: The ‘Long Run’ Is Here

by David Goldman

Carter: No Need To Stabilize Dollar

The Reaction in Europe

Domestic Credit: Squeezing into a British Corset

by Lydia Schulman

Volcker’s ‘Little Depression’

by Richard Freeman

Volcker’s Initiative Can’t Support Dollar

by Renée Sigerson

Agriculture: What the Volcker Policy Will Mean

by Susan Cohen

Crisis of Confidence Lifts Gold

by Alice Roth

World Trade Figures Show Problems

by Alain LeMal

Foreign Aid: U.S. Can Meet Emergency Food Needs

by Richard Schulman


Europe: A Superpower for Peace

by Susan Welsh

Détente with or without the United States – Schmidt: SALT II Must Be Ratified.

U.S.S.R. Offers Bold Disarmament Plan

by Rachel Douglas

U.S., Britain Respond

France Promotes Peace from Atlantic to Urals

by Garance Phau


Environmentalist Setback at Seabrook

by Ernest White

An eyewitness report by the man who blew the whistle.


Upset for CFR in Japan

Prime Minister Ohira in trouble over parliamentary election setback.

State Department on Cambodia: ‘Neutrality’ on Genocide

Middle East

Arab Oil-Producers Using Oil as a Weapon for Development

by Judith Wyer

Arab Leaders Make an Offer to U.S.

Arab League Secretary General: Blackmail Is Not Our Policy – UAE Oil Minister: We Will Produce Oil, But Peace Must Be Achieved – Saudi Foreign Minister: Need for New International Economic Order – Iraq Foreign Minister: Call for an International Development Fund.

How the Arabs Are Guaranteeing Security

by Mark Burdman

Who Is Making Oil Prices Skyrocket?

Latin America

López Portillo: New Era of U.S.-Latin Relations a ‘Categorical Imperative’

U.S.-Mexico Summit: ‘Brutally Frank’

Carter Waves the ‘Big Stick’

‘In Panama, Founding Fathers Are Winning’

Excerpts of a speech by Mexico’s President José López Portillo.


The Direction of French Policy

The Tradition of Friedrich List

by Jacques Cheminade

French political economy from Jean Bodin to Charles Dupin-part 3.


U.S. Labor Party Sues New York Times for $100 Million

U.S. Report

Taking On ‘Organized Evil’

National Anti-Drug Coalition holds first meeting in Detroit.

Highlights of the Convention Speeches

The Coalition Makes Legislative Gains


Congressional Calendar

SALT Treaty To Move Out of Committee – Kennedy Supports Aid to Pol Pot – Nunn Plans December Narcotics Hearings – Senate Votes Up Mobilization Board.

Facts Behind Terrorism: Khomeini Lobby Prods PLO into U.S. Antinuclear Camp

by Mark Burdman

Labor Periscope: A Faction Fight over Meany’s Successor?

by L. Wolfe

World Trade Review