Volume 6, Number 42, October 30, 1979


This Week

The Case Against Paul Volcker

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Volcker’s ‘Organized Chaos’-The Next Shoe Drops

by Lydia Schulman and David Goldman


“A Beautiful Trick” – A Three-Point Gold Proposal.

Euromarket Shakeout in the Works

by Laurent Murawiec and Susan Johnson

Hit Against Dollar To Prime Sterling’s Role

by Susan Johnson

Transportation: Moving Closer to Deregulation

by Stephen Parsons

Banking: Comptroller’s Hearing on Marine Midland Hit Snag

by David Goldman

HongShang Statements Inadequate.

Corporate Strategy: SCM: Who Really Wants To Sell Out

by Leif Johnson

Third Quarter 1979: The Major Trends in Trade

by Richard Schulman

Middle East

The End of the Camp David Era: What Next?

by Robert Dreyfuss

Mideast Institute Meet a Flight from Reality

by Nancy Coker

John Connally Urges Armed Takeover

Israel: The Biggest Government Crisis Ever

by Mark Burdman

Nahum Goldmann: Zionist Challenges the Zionists

LaRouche Invites Goldmann To Tour

U.S. Report

Is the Fed’s Volcker Actually Insane?

A statement from the editors of Executive Intelligence Review.

Where They Stand on Volcker’s Credit Policy

Where Are The Real Democrats


Senator Kennedy’s Protection Racket in the Federal Election Commission

by Karen Manne


Are Oil Prices Going Out of Control?

by Judith Wyer

How the multis made their record profits in driving the independents out.

New Reality in World Oil

Spot Oil Prices Reach $50 a Barrel


The View from the Federal Republic

by George Gregory

Our Bonn correspondent takes a look at the military strategy debate in Europe.

An ‘Independent Europe’–Kissinger Style

by Susan Welsh

Cool Reception for Hua

Latin America

Secret Conference in London Maps Caribbean ‘Security’ Strategy

by Mary Goldstein

State Dept. Hand in El Salvador Coup

U.S. ‘Reappraises’ Relations with Jamaica

Latin Nations Reject Gunboat Diplomacy


Bircher Larry McDonald: It’s Done with Mirrors


Making the News Media Report the News

Rep. Zeller: Need Control of Press Power


India: World’s Largest Democracy at the Crossroads

New Wave’s Ganesh Speaks about India

‘For Stability, Unity and progress’ in India

Statement by the All India Congress Committee.


Congressional Calendar

Hearings Set on Volcker Credit Crunch – ‘Big Mac’ for Chrysler? – Kennedy’s Illinois Brick Bill – Congressional FEC?

Facts Behind Terrorism: Justice Department Opens Door to Terror

by Robert Kay

Labor Periscope: Will Labor Go After the Fed?

by Lydia Cherry

World Trade Review