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Volume 6, Number 47, December 4, 1979

Cover of EIR Volume 6, Number 47, December 4, 1979

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Iran: Congress Must Investigate  

by Nora Hamerman


U.S. and Europe Battle over the Dollar’s Fate  

by Alice Roth

De la Gorce: Iran Crisis Aimed at Europe  

The ‘Crash of ’79’–A Chronology  

What is the Meaning of Bani-Sadr’s Debt Cancellation  

by David Goldman

The Debate over Rates Generates No Interest  

by Lydia Schulman

Foreign Exchange: The Yen Collapses  

by Richard Katz

Agriculture: If the USDA Is Right...  

by Susan Cohen


The Truth Behind Britain’s Latest Spy Scandal: The Key to the Blunt Affair  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

How Britain’s Spy Scandals Work  

by Rachel Douglas

Spy Scandals: British Intervention in Soviet Affairs  

A table of events from 1945 to now.


Showdown over European Monetary System Set for EC Meet at Dublin  

by Nora Hamerman

“Development Key To Solving the Problems Behind Iran” – The Lineup Going into Dublin.

Where the EMS Stands Now  

The NATO ‘Modernization’ Debate  

by Susan Welsh

Gromyko in Bonn warns against limited war doctrine.

London Times: Arm for Limited Nuclear War  

Gromyko Communiqué  

Middle East

Iran: ‘The Public Has a Right To Know’  

by Mark Burdman

Idaho representative investigates Trilateral Commission and CFR complicity.

The Grand Mosque Takeover: A Plan That Backfired  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Latin America

LaRouche Issues a Warning to Mexico  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Why the Shah of Iran must not return to Mexico at present.

U.S. Report

Haig Takes War Candidacy to Europe and Latin America  


Afghanistan: In Search of an Ayatollah  

by Daniel Sneider

Special Report

A Comparative Analysis of Intelligence Services  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Slow Death of the U.S. Nuclear Industry  

by Marsha Freeman

Without a policy change, major suppliers will be out of nuclear business.


Facts Behind Terrorism: An Admission of Terrorist Complicity  

by Michele Steinberg

Noam Chomsky confirms his role in ongoing plans to unleash a wave of terrorism throughout the U.S.

Congressional Calendar  

Hill Committees Blame EMS for Tight Money – Banking Reform Legislation Still Stirring – Kennedy Pushes Gun Control Bill – Senate Begins Vote on Windfall Profits – Looming Depression Brings Call for “Old Deal.”

World Trade Review  

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