Volume 6, Number 48, December 11, 1979



From the Editor-in-chief

Editorial Comment

by Nora Hamerman

A case of dangerous stupidity.

National News

Energy Insider

by William Engdahl

Year 1979 world oil production at record high.

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

World Trade Review


How the Dollar Has Been Rigged To Fall

by David Goldman

In London and Washington, the U.S. dollar is considered finished as a reserve currency. That is a leading feature of a reorganization of the world financial system now underway, which includes controls on international lending much fiercer than the Bank of England, the Treasury or the Federal Reserve will confess to in public. But it is a project with which Europe must violently disagree-the European Monetary System is at stake.


by Richard Freeman

Will the Immunities Act be used?

Foreign Exchange

by Richard Katz

Currency turmoil shakes the EMS.


by Alice Roth

England’s new “metallic standard.”

International Credit

by Peter Rush

Credit rationing for the LDCs.

Restructuring the Economy From the Top Down

by Lydia Schulman

Since Paul Volcker’s tight-credit measures went into effect, a pattern of industrial contraction verging toward collapse has confirmed EIR’s “Riemannian” predictions-and made fools (or liars) of other analysts. The U.S. economy is now being deliberately undermined and restructured through “credit rationing,” with the worst yet to come.

Business Briefs

Cover Story

New Hampshire: Upset in the Making?

by Konstantin George

Since Eisenhower’s election to a second term, the early primary in New Hampshire has been the key to a successful presidential campaign. Either the Democrat, or the Republican, who has won in New Hampshire, has gone all the way to the White House. This year looks like no exception, EIR’s analysts have found. And on the Democratic side, it looks like something very dramatic could happen: Lyndon LaRouche, a candidate the news media have hardly dared mention, has a lot of support-and just enough potential for more support that he might take it all when the votes are finally counted.

What the Nation’s Granite State Looks Like

by Richard Freeman, J. Pierce, and L. Wolfe

The politics, economy and voters.

LaRouche, Kennedy, and Seabrook

How the 1980 Presidential Candidates Stack Up

Who’s working for them, endorsed them, and on what issues.

How the Campaign Chiefs See It

Interviews with campaign spokesmen – How the Press Sees It.


Decision at the Dublin EC Summit

by Susan Welsh

The major decision taken at the EC summit meeting in Dublin was to fight: France’s Giscard and Germany’s Schmidt did battle with Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher came away with a bloody nose, and while her countrymen demand a “change in tactics,” the Europeans are wondering out loud why Britain is even a member of the European Community.

The Muslim Brotherhood Plot Against Saudi Arabia

by Robert Dreyfuss

Whether the Washington and London planners of the “Iran crisis” succeed in getting what they want-first of all, a worldwide energy disaster-will significantly depend on whether the crisis succeeds in destabilizing Saudi Arabia, chief supplier of oil to Europe. Mosque takeovers, corruption scandals-everything is now being thrown against the Saudi monarchy.

Fruits of Iran: Gulf Militarization

International Intelligence