Volume 7, Number 2, January 15, 1980



From the Editor-in-Chief

by Daniel Sneider

Editorial Comment: Bhutto and Gandhi

by Nora Hamerman

The Facts Behind Terrorism: Red Brigade Link in the U.S.A.

by Jeffrey Steinberg


Reviving the Dollar Through NATO

by David Goldman

All of a sudden, vehemently anti-dollar factions in London and the United States are rushing to maintain the reserve role of America’s beleaguered currency. It would almost seem that Soviet tanks, streaming into Afghanistan, have made the dollar an essential feature of NATO’s facade of power, doing more for its value than months of European central bank efforts But the new arrangements are as temporary as NATO’s façade.

Despite a Glut, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Oil Price Increases

Grain Embargo: A Punch at the Soviets That Hit the U.S. Farmer

Gold: Out-of-Control Markets

by Alice Roth

Foreign Exchange: Has the Dollar Become NATO’s Scrip?

by Richard Katz

Domestic Credit: A Stock Market Rally and a Looming Deficit

by Lydia Schulman

Trade Review

Economic Survey

Brazil’s Turn Toward IMF Genocide Policy

by Mark Sonnenblick

An economic survey of Brazil, in the face of a new president, with a new program.

Business Briefs

Special Report

The U.S.S.R. Sends Carter a Message

by Criton Zoakos

After plenty of provocations from the West, and repeated warnings from the Kremlin, the Red Army command went into Afghanistan in force, displaying not only impressive military capabilities and strategic planning, but primarily, an iron show of strategic determination. With aid of Chinese aggression in Southeast Asia, destabilizations throughout the Islamic world, and capitulation by the Europeans, the Carter administration thought it might be able to encircle the U.S.S.R. The Russian answer came in southwest Asia. Will Carter get the message?

I. Why the Soviets Invaded Afghanistan

by Rachel Douglas, Uwe Parpart, and Susan Welsh

Military Strategy: How World War III May Start in Afghanistan – Like 1968: No “Prague Spring” in Southwest Asia.

II. Carter’s Foreign Policy Debacle

by Richard Katz and Judith Wyer

The “China Card”: Brown Asks Arms Pact of Cautious Chinese – The “Islamic Card”: Carter’s “Islamic Alliance” Another Paper Tiger – Prince Fahd Warns U.S.A.

III. Europe Struggles To Save Détente

Allies Going Sane? New Monetary System To Save Détente – “Overheard” at the Elysée – François-Poncet: “Détente and Development” – Germans: “No Return to the Cold War” – Italian Bank Chief: “LaRouche Plan Important.”


The Indian Election: A New Power in Asia

Indira Gandhi has been returned to power in India, by a landslide vote nearly unprecedented in terms of a mandate for a national leader. Moreover, the new government arises in a period of crisis, when developments on the subcontinent have an unprecedented international significance.

Iran Break-Up Looms; What after Khomeini?

A Unique Conference, With a Unique Task

The first worldwide conference of the International Caucus of Labor Committees was addressed by a Presidential candidate, and resolved that it must do for the world today what Plato’s Academy once did for the world, politically and scientifically.

International Intelligence


Carter’s ‘National Unity’ on Iran Falls Apart

by Kathleen Murphy

The Carter administration helped topple a powerful ally in the Shah

of Iran, helped install a maniac cult dictatorship in the Shah’s place, manipulated the maniac into a ferociously anti-American posture, and now wants the maniac to ally with the U.S.A. against the Soviet Union. Understandably, Carter’s GOP opponents-who supported every aspect of the policy-are now throwing “national unity” overboard in favor of some political profit-taking.

‘No Scientific Obstacles to Fusion in the 1990s’

The report of the Congressional Hirsch panel, and an exclusive interview with Rep. Mike McCormack.

Campaign 1980

by Kathleen Murphy

Haig Bows Out ... for Now – “Lurching and Drifting” with Teddy – The Skeleton in Bush’s Closet – President Moonbeam?

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Military Aid to Pakistan in the Hopper – House Hearings on Banking Deregulation – To Begin Oversight Probe of FEC – Hearings on Health Effects of Marijuana – Welfare Jobs Program Being Pursued.

National News