Volume 7, Number 5, February 5, 1980



From the Editor-in-Chief

by Daniel Sneider

Editorial Comment

by Nora Hamerman

Can Britain be saved?

Trade Review


Euro-Soviet Trade: No Time for Embargoes

by Mark Trisch

While the Carter administration shoots the U.S.A. in its own foot with trade embargoes, credit sanctions and related measures against the Soviet Union, America’s allies–and in particular West Germany’s industrialists–are quietly, but urgently signing trade agreement after trade agreement with the Russians, some of them unprecedented in scope. It’s not just a matter of good business. It could keep the world from going to war.

International Credit: Credits and ‘Risks’

by Peter Rush

Gold: Giscard’s Monetary Initiative

by Alice Roth

Foreign Exchange

by Richard Katz

Domestic Credit: The Economic State of the Union

by Lydia Schulman

Business Briefs

Special Report

The Erosion of U.S. Military Capability–Part 2

by Uwe Parpart

U.S. in-depth war-fighting capabilities have fallen far behind the Soviet Union, because of a massive erosion of U.S. industrial and research-and-development capabilities. Now, the President has issued a call to arms–arms that American “volunteers” can’t wield, that American industry can’t produce, and that are of the wrong type for use against the Soviets anyway.

Why the Economy Can’t Sustain a Major Increase in Arms Spending

by David Goldman

The Origin of the Riemannian Model

America’s Lost Capacity for Defense Production

by Dr. John Schoonover

Military R and D: The Aura of Poverty

by Dr. Steven Bardwell

How the Soviet Union Left the U.S.A. Behind

by Susan Welsh


Europe Takes Steps To Save the World from Carter

by Alice Roth

The leading nations of Europe have made clear their continued dedication to detente with the socialist nations, and their proposals and the Soviets’ are increasingly converging around monetary reform.

France: Giscard and Indira Form a New Global Alliance

by Paul Zykofsky

The President Interviewed: ‘Our Task: An Effective Nuclear Plan’

Soviet Union: The Kremlin Sends Messages to the West

by Edith Hassman

Italy: The Next Premier Pledges a Return to Détente

by Umberto Monteverdi

Chinese Mass a Million Troops: A New Viet Invasion?

by Richard Katz

The Islamic World: A Tilt toward Moscow and Paris

by Robert Dreyfuss

International Intelligence


The Candidates Assess the State of the Union

Three Democrats, beginning with President Carter, delivered “State of the Union” addresses last week. Only one appears to have proposed that the union should be in a different state.

Carter: The President Presents a Policy ‘Doctrine’

LaRouche: ‘The President Presents a Dangerous Bluff’

Apology to Republicans

Kennedy: A Rebuttal on Behalf of Liberals Everywhere

Restoring American Power: McCormack’s Fusion Bill

by Vin Berg

It is the first sign of sanity on the energy issue seen on Capitol Hill in years–and even more, it could help prevent war.

The Fusion Energy Research Act of 1980

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Campaign 1980

by Kathleen Murphy

National News