Volume 7, Number 12, March 25, 1980



From the Editor-in-Chief

by Daniel Sneider


by Nora Hamerman

Mr. Miller’s confession.

Dateline Mexico

More oil, no GATT, fewer candidates.

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

The Facts Behind Terrorism

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Terrorists target 1980 campaign.


Carter Sacrifices Economy in War on Europe

by David Goldman

There is one obvious feature of the new Carter-Volcker package of high interest rates and credit restrictions: They will drive the U.S. economy toward levels of inflation not seen since 1920s Germany. Only slightly less obvious, the new measures are principally intended as the centerpiece of U.S. and British economic warfare against the European Monetary System nations.

What Volcker’s Measures Will Do to Lending

by Lydia Schulman

The Victims: Who Is Going Under in Carter’s Sacrifice?

by Richard Freeman

Jimmy Carter’s Economy Enters ‘Weimar Hyperinflation’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Contributing Editor Lyndon LaRouche examines the devastating consequences of Carter policy.

Laffer Economics: Why Ronald Reagan’s Gold Plan Is All Wrong

by David Goldman


by Alice Roth

A good time to buy.

International Credit

by Peter Rush

Europe cornering petrofunds.


by Susan Cohen

The Fed threat to the farmer.

Foreign Exchange

Trade Review

Business Briefs

Special Report

A Euro-Arab Pact: Britain Out of Line

by Vin Berg

After his breakthrough tour of the Middle East, where he won Arab petrodollars by promising to use them as an instrument of Third World development, French President Giscard held his third summit this year with West Germany’s Schmidt. The British began to shriek in fear. A “reverse Waterloo” is coming.

London’s Press Decries the Franco-German Alliance

European-Arab Diplomacy

A grid of diplomatic activity between continental Europe and the Arab world since the beginning of this year.

France’s Calvet: ‘Maximum for Mexico’s Industrialization’

Exclusive interview of Jacques Calvet Olmers, President of Banque National de Paris.

What is the Franco-German European Monetary System?

by Alice Roth and Donald Baier

The U.S. View: Defending International Monetary Fund Policies – The British View: Out on a Limb as Faction Fight Erupts.

The Historical Issues Behind the Current World Crisis

by Criton Zoakos

When the continental powers capitulated last December and and agreed to station U.S. missiles on European soil, Zbigniew Brzezinski hailed it as the biggest development since the 1648 “Treaty of Westphalia.” Just so, reports Contributing Editor Criton Zoakos; the issue is that of the nation-state vs. “One World’s” efforts to resurrect a variety of Hapsburg Empire.


Strauss in Washington: Carter Plots To Topple Schmidt

West German Chancellor Schmidt enjoys popularity ranging above 55 percent; his chief rival, Bavarian Franz Josef Strauss, little more than 25 percent of those who will vote in the October election. But when Strauss visited New York and Washington last week for the highest-level series of secret meetings enjoyed by any foreign dignitary in memory, presidential candidate LaRouche uncovered a plan to bring the Bavarian to power, by means other than a democratic vote. An EIR exclusive.

The ‘Great Green Hope’ of Franz Josef Strauss

by Rainier Apel

Middle East: French Diplomacy’s Attack on Camp David

by Nancy Coker

Latin America: Colombian Dope Pushers Drive Toward Legalization

by Cynthia Rush

Dateline Mexico

by Josephina Menendez

More Oil, No GATT, Fewer Candidates.

International Intelligence


Campaign 1980: Who’s Jumped on Reagan’s Bandwagon?

by Kathleen Murphy

Until the Illinois primary, the Trilateral Commission/Council on Foreign Relations crowd were, pulling out every card they had in an effort to “stop Reagan.” But now, because the former California governor’s victories have all but sewn up the nomination, the boys at CFR have jumped on board. The question is, if Reagan becomes a vehicle for the same old CFR policies in “conservative” garb, will his present mass constituency still want to put him in the White House?

Reagan Advisor: ‘We’ll make those Cubans break with the Soviet Union’

Andrus Manufactures ‘Corruption’ Scandal To Halt U.S. Oil Leasing

by William Engdahl

An unpublicized Interior Department action is designed to reduce U.S. energy supplies.

National News