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Volume 7, Number 21, June 3, 1980

Cover of EIR Volume 7, Number 21, June 3, 1980

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From the Editor  

by Robyn Quijano


What cracked the alliance?

Military Strategy  

by Susan Welsh

Reagan’s advisors sold Nixon the All-Volunteer Force.

Middle East Report  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Khomeini’s kooks and U.S. spooks.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menendez

A new environmentalist cult.

Campaign 1980  

by Kathleen Murphy

Reagan loses without Democratic cross-over — LaRouche requalifies for matching funds — What the press said.


by Nora Hamerman

American System living standards.

Congressional Calendar  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda

Facts Behind Terrorism  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Red Brigades threaten Giscard.


‘Industrial Restructuring’ Comes Out of The Closet  

by Lydia Schulman

The Federal Reserve, “futurology” think-tanks and many others are suddenly crying out on the need for a U.S. “industrial policy.” At best, they intend incompetent “quick fixes” for troubled defense concerns, but more generally, to “streamline” both industries and urban centers into small-scale models of their former capacities.

A Brandt Commission Plot: Lehman’s Peter Peterson: ‘Take the World to the Brink’  

Report on an exclusive EIR interview with a leading Brandt Commission member.


by Alice Roth

Europe puts a floor under the price.

Foreign Exchange  

World Trade  

by Richard Schulman

Carter’s impact in just six months.

Trade Review  

Corporate Strategy  

by Leif Johnson

International Harvester’s saboteur.

Science & Technology  

by Marsha Freeman

MHD improves fossil fuel efficiency.

Business Briefs  

Special Report

Abscam/Brilab Attacks Progress and U.S. Labor  

by Scott Thompson

Few stopped to ponder who was being hit and why, when the Department of Justice’s entrapment operations, Abscam and Brilab among others, first became public. It’s an operation to destroy those labor and industry combinations that have been the backbone of American industrial strength and republican institutions.

How Abscam and Brilab ‘Sting’  

The Roots of Abscam/Brilab  

Who is Benjamin Civiletti?  


Giscard Out To Stop ‘Otherwise Inevitable’ War  

by Rachel Douglas

The French President, without informing the United States, suddenly went to Warsaw to meet with Mr. Brezhnev. French press say he listened to Edmund Muskie talk in Austria, and immediately made the decision that war was “otherwise inevitable.”

Muskie’s First Official Provocation  

No Hope for Africa in Club of Rome ‘Trialogue’  

by Mary Brannan

López Portillo’s Meeting With Giscard  

by Tim Rush

The Mexican and French Presidents discussed Mexico’s need for nuclear technology, and France’s effort to prevent nuclear war.

Documentation: The joint communiqué, the speeches, and an interview with Mexico’s no. 2 industrial official.

López Portillo Takes a Pro-Nuclear Stand  

by Dolia Pettingell

U.S. Policy on Cuba Leads to War  

by Gretchen Small

Is the End Near for the Khomeini Regime?  

by Robert Dreyfuss

Is the End for Bani-Sadr Near?  

by Nancy Coker

Iran Embraces Afghan Rebels  

by Judith Wyer

Japanese Security, Korea and One Richard Sneider  

by Daniel Sneider

Japan’s Faction Fight: the Key to Asia’s Future  

by Richard Katz

International Intelligence  


Will dictatorship Follow a 1980 Election Deadlock?  

by Kathleen Murphy

The mouthpieces of the backroom boys at the Council on Foreign Relations have been “predicting” a constitutional crisis, one resulting from a presidential election thrown into the House of Representatives. Just to be sure, they’re running John Anderson.

FEMA Is Running the Miami Riots  

by Paul Goldstein

The game is “planned shrinkage” of America’s urban centers.

The Independent Oilmen–Endangered Species?  

by William Engdahl

Who Is ‘Big Oil’?  

National News  

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