Volume 7, Number 25, July 1, 1980



Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menendez

The U.S. behind the drought?

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

Is Ayatollah Khomeini a British agent?

Campaign 1980

by Kathleen Murphy

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda


‘Reindustrialization’: the bottom line.


The United States Tries To Prepare for War

by Richard Freeman

The NATO planners responsible for America’s Malthusian economic decline now want to divert what industry is left toward military production. The way they want to do it will terminally weaken U.S. industry-and undermine an arms buildup.

Washington’s Figures Recalculated: The Real Unemployment Rate

by Lydia Schulman

When the Carter Administration said 7 percent it was 12 percent, and by another measure, much higher.

Domestic Credit

by Lydia Schulman

Carter’s tax-cut balloon.

Foreign Exchange


by Alice Roth

France links bullion and petrodollars.

Trade Review


by Susan B. Cohen

The American System for exports.

Business Briefs

Special Report

Aztec Fundamentalism: Mexico’s Jesuit Ayatollahs

by Dennis Small

With its strong, nation-building tradition and republican elite, Mexico might seem impervious to the destabilization that is now being thrown against it by the same forces that toppled Iran’s Shah. But Mexico’s leading republicans have one vulnerability-and not long to overcome it.

How the Destabilization Is Supposed To Work

by Criton Zoakos

The Jesuit News Media

The Current Role of the Jesuits in Mexico

by Cynthia Rush

“Possible Revolution in 1983” Says Reagan Advisor – Primary Target: The Oil Region.

A Petition To Expel Jesuits

Aspen Institute ‘Reviews’ the Policies of Mexico

by Tim Rush

The Achilles Heel of the Mexican Republic

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A strategic background study.

Who Is Soustelle?

Who Was Rivera?

by Diego Rivera

From My Life, My Art.


The Venice Summit Splits over Camp David

by Robert Dreyfuss

The Middle East peace initiative long promised by the Europeans emerged from the EEC summit meeting badly watered down. At least one Arab government is saying “the London-Washington axis triumphed.” Documentation: Statements of reaction from Jordan, Syria, Egypt, the PLO, and El Fatah.

What Carter Will Find in Venice

by Dana Sloan

The Battle for OPEC Funds

by Judith Wyer

China Drives South

by Peter Ennis

India, Afghanistan, and Cambodia face new slaughters promoted by Peking, with U.S. arms.

International Intelligence


Carter’s Renomination: The Gathering Storm

by Barbara Dreyfuss

The policymaking elite that runs Jimmy Carter is seeking a foreign policy crisis that would cause the American people to accept, even demand, a war economy. Meanwhile, the White House is trying to strongarm every national convention delegate it can find.

Carter Official Admits Theft of 10,000 Votes

by Kathy Burdman

Plus the text of his admissions.

John Anderson: Aquarian Candidate

by Kathleen Murphy

General Jones OK’d, But Not Mr. Carter

by Konstantin George

National News