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Volume 7, Number 29, July 29, 1980

Cover of EIR Volume 7, Number 29, July 29, 1980

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Middle East Report  

by Robert Dreyfuss

On the trail of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dateline Mexico  

by Josefina Menendez

Reagan’s Mexico connection.

Energy Insider  

by William Engdahl

A modest proposal.

Campaign Column  

by Kathleen Murphy

Congressional Calendar  

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda


The Trilateral difference.


Business Briefs  

Inspecting the IMF’s New ‘Human Face’  

by Alice Roth

There’s a lot of talk about “easing conditionalities,” emphasizing the “supply side” of member nations’ economies, and generally making the IMF support economic growth. EIR’s Alice Roth checked into it: There will be no real change.

International Credit  

by Renée Sigerson

Mrs. Thatcher’s depression.


by Alice Roth

Dresdner’s role in the shakeout.

Domestic Credit  

by Lydia Schulman

Carter’s budget albatross.


by Susan B. Cohen

Farm meet resolves for open convention.

World Trade  

by Richard Freeman

The French record of export success.

Trade Review  


by Leif Johnson

America: hot-money zone?

Science and Technology  

by Marsha Freeman

Energy-dense processing.

Special Report

U.S. Reindustrialization: The High-Technology Debate  

How to salvage U.S. industrial and military capabilities has rightly become the number-one topic of debate among American policymaking circles. Our high technology giants are not geared toward industrial applications for new potential markets.

Documentation: the technology bills now before Congress, a review of the programs offered by Business Week and Scientific American, and excerpts from the Buchsbaum Report on fusion energy.

Industrial Policy Comes to the U.S. Congress  

Institutional Studies: Taking a Stab at Economic Development  

by Vin Berg

Energy Policy: Buchsbaum Report Mandates Fusion Energy Commitment  

The LaRouche-Riemann Model: A Litmus Test for Industrial Productivity  

by Dr. Steven Bardwell

American Rearmament Potential: Why a ‘Quick Fix’ Won’t Work  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s analysis of the GOP “in-width” program.


International Intelligence  

LaRouche on Peking’s Kissinger Card  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Jimmy Carter’s tête-a-tête with Hua in Tokyo this past week led many policymakers to wonder just who’s being used for what. ‘Dark horse’ Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche blasts the new “SEATO alliance” with China as its leader instead of its target.

India Draws the Line on China  

by Paul Zykofsky

A first-hand report from New Delhi.

Franco-German Entente: Dealing from Strength  

by Dana Sloan

Giscard’s visit to Bonn has consolidated Franco-German military, foreign-policy, and scientific cooperation.

A diary of the state visit

How de Gaulle Built the Foundation  

by Garance Phau

Impressions of London  

by Laurent Murawiec

Laurent Murawiec visited policymakers there in June.

Brazil: No Letup in Insurgency  

“Red Bishops” are exploiting the Papal visit.


National News  

Power Brokers Issue Kennedy Minority Report  

by Konstantin George

The Kennedy campaign has reversed itself and issued a comprehensive challenge to the new convention rules Carter pushed through to ensure his nomination. It appears the boys in the back room want to keep their options open.

Documentation: The Carter rules, the Kennedy rules, and the Kennedy “confrontation” press release

The GOP Platform: Praise for Peking, Threats to Europe  

by L. Wolfe

A ‘gang of four’ of policy advisors got control of the platform committee. Reagan supporters should look very carefully and soberly at the results. Included: excerpts from the foreign policy plank.

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