Volume 7, Number 33, August 26, 1980



Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menendez

Think tankers and Iranization.

Middle East Report

by Robert Dreyfuss

Will Sadat chuck Camp David?

Energy Insider William Engdahl

The domestic “oil boom.”


PD 59: short fuse for November.


Business Briefs

The Next Phase of Volcker’s Austerity

by David Goldman

A preview of EIR’s latest econometric projections for the U.S. economy, assuming the consensus for lowered consumption were to go into effect.

Who’s Behind the World Oil Glut?

by Judith Wyer

Saudi Arabia is boosting the supply side for European, political reasons. On the demand side: conservation enforced by austerity.

The ‘Information Age’ and Its Friends

by Mark Burdman

Architects and spokesmen for the postindustrial society talk about the economy, space programs, and “knowledge.”

Foreign Exchange

by David Goldman

Stepwise dollar diversification.


by Alice Roth

Central banks stabilize price.

Trade Review

Special Report

Will Democrats Survive Carter’s Nomination?

The issues at stake are strategic national and international ones.

Closeups from the Convention

Kingmakers, armtwisters, and regional leaders talk behind the scenes.

Disenfranchised Constituencies

What they say about the convention and the future.

Rebuilding from the Ground Up

Interview with a LaRouche strategist.

LaRouche Talks to the Caucuses

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Platform Planks on the Depression


International Intelligence

What the U.S. Tactical Nuclear Doctrine Means

by Susan Welsh

It’s already been in effect, but its official announcement at this time is a new threat.

Documentation: Commentary from Le Figaro, the London Guardian and Observer, the New York Times Paris bureau, and the U.S.S.R.

An American Mission to China

by Daniel Sneider

An analysis of the Defense Department’s military “consultations” with the People’s Republic.

The Muslim Brotherhood Story: EIR Spurs Investigation

by Robert Dreyfuss

Law enforcement agencies and national newspapers are following our Muslim Brotherhood exposé leads.

Bahram Nahidian Blames LaRouche


National News

Reagan Advisers Outline Inter-American Strategy

by Dennis Small

Their approach for the 1980s documented in their new report has a lot in common with Castro’s, reflecting some shared influences.

Fidel’s Slide into Fundamentalism

The Real Stakes in Billygate

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

From the Aug. 8 national television address by Lyndon LaRouche on “where the body is buried” amidst the scandal, and who must take responsibility for American foreign policy.