Volume 7, Number 35, September 9, 1980



Dateline Mexico

by Josefina Menendez

Brawl between the economics chiefs.

Congressional Calendar

by Barbara Dreyfuss and Susan Kokinda


Fusion energy bill renews national purpose.


Business Briefs

A New Stage in Carter’s ‘Controlled Disintegration’

by David Goldman

Bankers intend to shut out Third World borrowers-after they help shut off Gulf oil.

Currency Rates


by Leif Johnson

Liquidity pressures by year’s end.

Domestic Credit

by Richard Freeman

Tax cut prospects slow and small.

International Credit

by Laurent Murawiec

West Germany’s dilemma.


by Alice Roth

Pitfalls in diamond investment.

Trade Review

Adding Up the U.S. Railroad Boom

by Stephen Parsons

The rails are in no shape to handle huge coal export haulage–nor are American ports.

Special Report

Famine in Africa: Who’s Responsible?

by Christopher White

Christopher White surveys the U.S. State Department’s policy of population reduction and the refugee relief agencies that are funneling aid to predatory paramilitary operations.

Africa’s Peril: Scope and Solutions

by Mary Brannan

The famine, internecine strife, and locust scourge can quickly be remedied by modern technology and alliances for modernization, writes Africa specialist Mary Brannan from West Germany.

The World Bank Energy Proposal

by Renée Sigerson

Up to $600 billion is supposed to be spent over the next decade on developing non-OPEC energy resources in the Third World. Renée Sigerson exposes the hoax.

Libya Underwrites the Marauders

by Mark Burdman

Will U.S. Farmers Be Able To Help?

by Susan B. Cohen


International Intelligence

Polish Crisis Threatens Détente in Europe

by Rachel Douglas

Poland’s Future: Economic Growth or Imposed Backwardness?

by Luba George and Clifford Gaddy

The Polish KOR Dissidents: Made in Great Britain

by Rachel Douglas

Begin’s Drive Toward War ... and an Israeli Garrison State

by Mark Burdman

The Region: Balkanization Plan Gains Momentum

by Mark Burdman

Iran: A Falling Out of Thieves Invites Intervention

by Nancy Coker

Richard Cottam on His Thwarted Iranian Plans

EIR’s Iran Coverage Draws Responses

Mexico on the ‘Enemies List’ in U.S. Regional Showdown Drive

by Tim Rush

Tim Rush’s overview of the new dangers for bilateral relations in the wake of Washington’s provocative complaints against Mexico.

The Lyndon LaRouche-El Heraldo File

Central America’s Strategic Triggers

by Gretchen Small


National News

Carter Ready To Activate ‘First Strike’ over Hot Spots

by Konstantin George

Documentation: Interviews with an architect of the PD-59 limited nuclear war doctrine, and with one of its leading opponents.

FEMA To Run U.S. War Crisis

by Lonnie Wolfe

The Federal Emergency Management Agency was installed last year precisely to run the evacuation, allocation and civil defense side of a limited war scenario.

Documentation: Two FEMA officials lay out the limited war contingency plans in their own words.

Debate Surfaces over China Card

Republican advisers are showing signs of a fight against American subservience to a Peking alliance.